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EVATEK not a Simple Bag. Evatek thickness:0,8 mm. Shock resistant and even highly protected against ac-cidental falls. Dissipate any vibration and recoil from the outside. The most reliable Case-Bag on the market.
Light as a Feather. Perfect balance between strength and lightness. Only 2.5 kg and solid structure. Evatek is in no way comparable to other models of semi-rigid bags on the market.
Evatek reinvents a new way to carry, protect and even wear your Handpan.
Lightweight and maximum security provided, to live thee adventures of each day along with your Pan…”
EVATEK is 100% Waterproof. Eva is a material that is totally waterproof. 100% Waterproof zip.Hight protection in the area of lateral opening.
EVATEK and its Internal Protection System. Easy Connection Foam is a high-density foam that covers evenly throughout the interior of Evatek.
The instrument is wrapped 360° without creating soft pressure on the notes. . Our IPS is distributed on all the inner surface  and cushions all the weight of the instrument. Total protection in case of an accidental fall. . The connection is simplified without the aid of glue or velcro. Easy to Replacement , extremely simple, fast and is always available for repurchase
EVATEK is Stain Resistant. External High Tenacity Polyester. Resistant to stains, protected against everyday dirt in general. Easy Stains remove with a damp sponge using a mild soap or plain water.
EVATEK Follows Your Music. Ergonomic shoulder straps and Polyester Eva Layer inside. Removable Shoulder from the bag.
Is EVATEK Suitable for Everyday Use? Evatek ensures maximum safety in the event that is being used in extreme travel, of dealing with means of transport such as bus, train, bicycle, boat, trekking, sea, mountains … Evatek Flykit is 100% Ready To Fly.
EVATEK is Easy to Use. Double handle allows for a quick connection, helps the unit by providing a practical and comfortable grip for long journeys, allowing for perfect weight distribution. The T- shaped zipper pulls for a practical and secure grip. Evatek is ready to place a padlock on suitcases (lock not included).
EVATEK is Designed for Handpan Players Designed to address the needs of street performers and touring musicians. The outer pouch, located on each Evatek, has two snap-hooks for quick coupling to connect the two carabiner placed on the bag. Excellent solution for transporting music CDs, water and various accessories. Size: L 60 x 27 x 16 CM – Weight: 200gr 100%Polyester, antibacterial and waterproof. 3 Large pockets + 1 hidden front pocket + 2 side supports in rigid plastic. 2 carabiner in aluminum, 1 shoulder strap with quick-release.
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EVATEK is yours. Change the front logo with different style. You can professionally style, customize and design your own Case-Bag.


EVATEK is Compatible with all the Handpans of the World. Two different thicknesses Foam and two different measurements of Evatek M or L size, we made it possible to transport with maximum safety, of all instruments of the world.
Who and what is behind Evatek?
Evatek is Free toxic components (see section certified laboratory). 100% Designed and Developed in Italy.
EVATEK-Fly is now 100% a Hardcase. Starting today the Evatek will have a Flight version. Order the new Evatek-Fly now (including additional shells) and get ready to fly safely throughout the world.
100% Italian High Impact ABS. The combination of the two ABS shells and the EVA material guarantee a perfect dimensional stability with a good dissipation of external vibrations
Side reinforcement O-ring. Both covers are fortified with a special EPDM high density with a steel core. Optimal solution to protect the edge of the tools of side impact. The O-ring hermetically seals one part with the other, making the entire side area extremely resistant.

Easy Connection.. Each model is designed to reduce any difficulty in the assembly of your Case-Bag. The FlyKit is installed with the pressure of hands, an operation that takes very little time. Each component of the FlyKit is provided separately, so you will not have to deal problems in the case of extra parts.

Maximum flexibility when traveling.The total weight of the shells is 3Kg (6.6 pounds) (Foam + O-ring included). The part in foam can be easily removed, in order to have a lightweight Case-Bag that is easy to handle. Flexibility is the key to the freedom of movement!


SOS plane full! Luggage in the hold! The external measures Evatek does not change with the use of FlyKit and this will be a great advantage for those who want to try to take on their instrument as carry-on.. If the flight is full? No problem, Evatek-Fly can be stored without problems for the integrity of the instrument so that it will be a pleasure to fly!


NEW Compatibility! The mounting of the FlyKit within Evatek decrease the internal dimensions of the latter. For this reason, we will be given a new table of compatibility for the Evatek-Fly. In the shop section you will find a list of new compatible units.Please verify you Compatibility HERE.

The FlyKit is only for Customers Evatek. Buying FlyKit is available only if the customer is in possession of a model 1st or 2nd generation Evatek. Be sure to request your purchase code. For those who do not yet have a Evatek, the FlyKit is included in the product Evatek-Fly, available in the online shop soon.

100% Made in Italy. The FlyKit is 100% made in Italy. Every material and component of our Case-Bag is designed and built by certified quality companies. Excellence is the starting point for a safe flight!

Evatek Large size:
Evatek Large size: MaxDiameter inside:63,9cm
Evatek Large size: Max Diameter Outside: 65cm
Evatek Large size: Max Hight Inside:32cm
Evatek Large size: Max Hight Outside:34cm
EvatekFly Large size: 
EvatekFly Large size: Diameter inside:62cm
EvatekFly Large size: Max Diameter Outside: 65cm
Evatek Large size: Max Hight Inside:31cm
Evatek Large size: Max Hight Outside:34cm
Evatek Medium size:
Evatek Medium size: Max Diameter inside: 58,5cm
Evatek Medium size: Max Diameter Outside: 59,2cm
Evatek Medium size: Max Hight Inside:28cm
Evatek Medium size: Max Hight Outside: 30cm
EvatekFly Medium size:
EvatekFly Medium size: Max Diameter inside: 57cm
EvatekFly Medium size: Max Diameter Outside: 59,2cm
EvatekFly Medium size: Max Hight Inside:26cm
EvatekFly Medium size: Max Hight Outside: 30cm
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