Meraki (Merakini) - F Pigmy (F) Bb C Db F Ab Bb C Db -Handpan HcT Review

AHHHH no patience to post  the new smaller shell from Meraki.

Welcome Merakini

Of course thx to Shellopan  about explain how to reduce the size from the standard shell and have a small handpan size to easy travel around the world and also give the possibility to explore different scale.. 😉

Merakini Size: 50,5 cm.

Anyway week ago  Jean give me a first experiment with the small size . Scale.. F Pigmy …I did not imagine so much strong and power and clear…. sometime to clear and hight for me… i prefer loud sound but this one is a perfect pan to travel easily but not losing the power and the amazing sustain… wow never tried before such beauty inside small world.. 😀

Treatment i think it’s quite same from my Low pigmy … the color for sure will change on brown like mine … i remember it was same color. Light Gold 🙂 Gold fingers 😀

Anyway it’s a special pan Jeannnn… and the harmonics and tones are soooo clear…anyway  sometime i feel some crossover and talking around..

But NO WORRY…. it’s a first small size from Meraki so .. we have time to stay tuned about him… 😀 and about the Small shell around the world…

I don’t have anymore info but not matter … the best it’s you click Play and Enjoy .

this art work… Thx Jean… Love you for you passion…

Thx … and big Love…

Ciao Alessio

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DB handpan 1°Gen 2016 Amara C G Bb C D Eb F G HcT Handpan Review

Hello everyone and welcome back for the new pan review …

Today I am proud to share with all of us the new sound Gen of dB handpan.

By chance has sent some pan to try them with Evatek and I wondered why I do not make a review ?… I took one of them and surprise I found one of my favorite scale…. AmaraC.

DB handpan New Gen 2016 Amara (C) G Bb C D Eb F G

Trying it I realized improvements on the tunings of the 5th and 8th and in fact the whole pan is much more harmonious. (harmonious)

The ding it’s powerfull  and it’s pleasant to play on with tribal rhythms.

Even the color is improved on brown and no longer has that discolored gray…. Anyway  there is still much work to be done on all shoulder tone on  tuning level too..

The size is slightly larger but mostly little higher and this makes it deeper and more dynamic than ever before. (Same Shellopan size)

Price is really nice…. I think it is around € 900-1000. In fact today it is among the cheapest bread in the marketplace.

I think it’s perfect for all entry level and therefore perfect for getting practice..

Overall I am happy not because the end result is truly impressive compared to the past, but for the fact that even Deris has gone about the direction to improve and starting to work with passion and love.

This is the key to excellent results. 🙂 And I’m really happy for him.

Thank guys…


Alessio Hangcare.

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HANDPAN VideoReview Rav Drum 2016-G Pigmy G2, C3, D3, Eb3, G3, Bb3, C4, D4, F4

Oh oh oh oh Finally i have the possibility to review this new amazing instrument.

Welcome to RAV DRUM inside PanRoom and Thx to Benny to share it…

No more Handpan… but a new tongue drum It landed among us 😉 and i was totally impressed about the quality…..

When it came out RAVDRUM I listened many video from the Web and my first impression was not surprised about it…. sure better then normal tongue drum but nothing special…..

After Kabecao told me about it… I tried to put more attention to understand what are thoroughly inside… and Boom… Today Benny visit me with one special RAV DRUM…. 😀 Universe always reply me so fast…. Thx…. Thx…

So So what to say about RAV DRUM..?

Man … amazing work… i not love tongue drum to much but RAV DRUM it’s not a normal tongue drum… It’s not handpan… it’s a NEW way to make Ambient Music…

New sound… New approach….New Style of play…. and i’m totally happy about you results…. i really love it… nice sound… amazing sustain but also nice balanced and it all feels very clear…. it’s possible play each note like handpan but have also more resonance and sustain….

Play it is like go inside the deepest parts of ourselves… Pure meditation…

Another positive note that is very light and easy to carry around the world… nice choose about size…

Also the metal is similar to have a real handpan in the hand…  Both color and finish are super great work…

Of course it’s perfect on tone and it’s also amazing to play and jam with other handpan. 😀 ……. Obviously i can’t compare it with Handpan but i full happy to insert RAV DRUM inside my future shopping and future Jam and Gig….  😀

Thx to Andrey for create this amazing new instrument with a good price too..

Discover more to: or :

Thx for your attention…

Big Love…. Music…Peace..

Un abbraccio…Ciaoo….

Alessio Hangcare®

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Paninvasion 2.0 - Handpan World Maps Update 2.0

Paninvasion 2.0 – Handpan World Maps new Updating – Over then 110 Pan Maker Around the world.

Yep.. OVER THEN 110 Maker at work … WOWOOO

Anyway Full of work today for update the Google Maps and all handpan maker around the world and was a BIG Surprise to see how many Maker at work around all the world.. AMAZING. AMAZING… 😀

This instrument it’s really a special High for all people and work to update it, is like a moral and dutiful work … and need to be done on the best way..


I tried to put all Maker around but if i forgot someone or i mistake some location, please message me and i will update the maps soon as possible.

Thx to Martin (Paniverse) and Handpan Magazine to help me for update some missed Maker… Sorry … a lot work as well and is not easy follow all Folk. 😀 .

Of course Thx for all community and Friend for the big help for update it.

Enjoy the new Update 2.0 and I wish a Special full of love and handpan XmasS 2016.. 😀 :-*

Warm regards

Alessio HangCare.


Handpan list. Update 14-12-2016

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° °Meraki Proto A2mara 2016 (A E G A B C D E G) ° ° °

Today I received a pleasant visit in our panroom

Jean from Meraki brought me his latest low style creation… Pan with very low and deep intonations. The scale was called A2mara (2016) A E G A B C D E G and practically is an AMARA ESS style, only much lower and deeper and 2 more note  😛

Definitely he brought bread for my teeth, because I love these low configurations. Transport is total and the final sound is still very high so, great for buskers and live exhibitions.

They are handpans almost only for ritual and meditation, because this warm and enveloping sound lends itself to such purposes ..

The dynamics are deadly and the answers are clear and precise. It’s similar to my pigmy although it has much less dynamic, perhaps due to the different geometry used for this LOWA2.

Unfortunately there is not a microphone that can describe the actual sound. Try it personally is the only way to understand that it’s a really beautiful pan.

If I have to find faults, like an art critic, could find them in the upper tiers and the harmonics that are sometimes a little metallic. Obviously, they do not disturb and give a new feature to these wonderful instrument. Here a personal preference takes over, rather than a technical issue.

Nitration process and cooking are more or less similar to the current productions, changes are merely in the geometry of the notes and the ding. .

Thanks Jean for working with passion and dedication.
… And Thank you all for your attention. and Special Thx To Kappo for Sweet Translation. 🙂

Alessio Hangcare®

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Black Hole Pan (by Jaime Esquerdo) (D) A3 Bb C4 D E F A- Protus Scale

Hello guys and happy to come back with another new Handpan maker from Spain.

I present today …Jaime Esquerdo and his Black Hole… A sweet guy coming from Spain… and from the first impression i fell good feeling and good enthusiasm to build handpan.  Thx to send me you Handpan to review.

He sent me one Protus named:  Black Hole Pan (by Jaime Esquerdo) (D) A3 Bb C4 D E F A. it’s the scale.

The shell is made by spinning and aren’t deep drawn shells … Personally i not love to much the Spinning Method but his  finals results it’s not bad…

The sound all around is quite balanced and the Ding and Hight note are powerful. The ding it’s to deep and is a pleasure play and have funny on it…. Anyway  i can fell many flicker and background noise.. the sound is not linear and some crossover coming out during fast play…. Of course it’s a early prototype and he need a lot work to increase the quality. The harmonics too is not perfect cleared and need work to fix it. I think the shell not help him to improve the quality.

The dynamic during play are quite good and it’s possible wave and surf on it… it’s Funny it’s funny 😀 but be careful: not to play it too loud and with strong movement or the sound ca go out range……

The shell are nitrate ( i think 🙂 ) but for any info Jaime can help all of us.

The surface is Smooth and pleasure to play and nice for go fast but the color is not so good and it have many spot around all pan…

Anyway Black Hole Pan is’t cool for all beginners pan player and it’s perfect for start to play handpan.

Here my 2 Impro Video recording by ZoomQ8 and 2 Shure PGA81.

I think the waiting list is not to big and maybe it’s easy collect one quite fast. About the price actually i think is 1200€ but for any info we need to ask to Jaime.

Jaime i can fell inside you  the force to follow the TOP PAN and i think you can do better and better in you early future.  i wish all my best and  Thx you for you help me with HcT Handpan Review.

Thx for all friends and follower…

Big Love ..

See you for the next review…


Alessio HcT Hangcare

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° °BlessPan 2016 ° ° °

Hello everyone and thank you for always being so many to our appointment “Handpan review”

 …. Today I would like to tell you about a maker that has made its way among the many makers who are born every day around the world.

Blesspan, by Tommaso V. (Tommy). I remember when he started with Ikea pots to arrive today to build musical instruments worthy of this name…….

I had the opportunity in recent years to test his rise and i can assure you that his improvement was progressive and exponential and Tommy never failed to surprise me…

 When i touched for the first time this last generation “Mystic 7”, i quickly realized that the target of Tommaso is not only to do business with Handpans, but the willing to emerge above the mass and full fill his great desire to leave an indelible mark in time.

…. Surely he can still improve his handpans and, even if they sound good and are nice, there are some things that can be refined, as you know i’am very picky and attentive to every detail that a handpan can give me while i play and I think that is the purpose of this blog: not to praise but to be sincere, honest and without filtered words

..Ciao a tutti e grazie di essere sempre così numerosi al nostro appuntamento Handpan review. Oggi vorrei parlarvi di un maker che si è fatto strada tra i tanti maker che ogni giorno nascono in tutto il mondo. Blesspan, by Tommaso V. Ricordo quando ha iniziato con le pentole dell’Ikea per arrivare oggi a costruire strumenti musicali degni di essere chiamati tali. Ho avuto la possibilità in questi anni di provare la sua ascesa e posso assicuravi che il suo miglioramento è stato progressivo ed esponenziale e le sorprese da Tommy non mancano mai… Quando ho toccato per la prima volta questo mystic 7, ultima generazione ho subito capito che la direzione di Tommaso non è quella di fare solo business con gli handpan, ma la voglia di emergere al di sopra delle righe e anche per lui tanta voglia di lasciare un segno indelebile nel tempo. Certo si può ancora perfezionare e anche se suonano bene e sono piacevoli ci sono alcune cose che possono essere migliorate, come sapete mi ritengo molto pignolo e attento ad ogni dettaglio che un handpan può lasciarmi mentre lo suono e credo che sia lo scopo di questo blog… non elogiare ma essere sincero, onesto e senza filtri di parole..

Let’s start from tuning and material:
 Here we go! …The tones and the harmonics are balanced even if the steel does not give a proper sweet sound, the shell processing (lathe) it’s a choice of just a few makers, that may affect the sound, but it’s cooking, along with the metal treatment, that affects so much on more or less sweet timbre…

This can be noticed when playing single notes. When chords are played, instead, the sound improves a lot … Even playing the fifth and octaves is simple and very well triggered.

….I wish, however, that Tommy, could solve the distance of the tones. They may be too far from each other and, for those with small hands, play two or more tones together it’s difficult and is likely to stand out from the central note and then striking the 5th or 8th…..I know Tommy also works with 50 cm shell compared to the classic 54 and that could be an excellent solution for those who want an instrument with notes closer and easier to play.

The overall volume of the instrument is great and its resonance even for busker would be optimal. The only thing that i would like to have, it’s more control over dynamic and pulled rhythms.

What I want to say is that if you apply too much pressure, the tone, tends to go sound stretching, which is not just as a sound distortion but the sound becomes dirty and loses the sweet harmonics that should have.

For the rest: color, processing, finishing….I have nothing to say … it’s nice and nothing to envy to all emblazoned handpan around the globe.
The GU too is very well done and using a form a bit different from all others, in the video you can see some footage….

Price? . . Current price is of 1200€ for the 8 tones and 1400€ for the 9 tones, but the list is closed until 2017….So arm yourself with patience if you want to buy a Blesspan

 Besides this Mystic i had the chance to try another Blesspan 2016 owned by Michele La Paglia. (Thanks Dear for your special visit)
The scale was basically a Melog but with 7 tones and a G4 instead of A4
Large-scale and beautiful pan and what I wrote for the Mystic I can also, more or less, confirm for this pan.

Partiamo dall’accordatura e dal materiale. ..Direi che ci siamo, le note e le armoniche sono bilanciate anche se il ferro non regala un suono propriamente dolce, la lavorazione della shell (a tornio) e’ una scelta di pochi maker, che puo incidere nel suono, ma il trattamento termico del metallo sicuramente incide tanto sul timbro più o meno dolce… Lo si può notare quando si suonano le note singole. Suonato ad accordo invece migliora tantissimo… Anche suonare le quinte e ottave è semplice e si attivano molto bene. Vorrei che Tommy però, potesse risolvere la distanza delle note. Sono forse troppo distanti tra loro e per chi ha mani piccole suonare ad accordo due o più note insieme è difficile e si rischia di stare fuori dalla nota centrale e percuotere quindi le 5° o 8° , so che Tommy lavora anche con shell da 50 cm rispetto alle classiche da 54 e quello potrebbe essere un’ottima soluzione per chi vorrà uno strumento con note più vicine e facili da suonare…..Il volume complessivo dello strumento è ottimo e la sua risonanza anche per i busker sarebbe ottimale. L’unica cosa che avrei voluto avere è più dinamica e controllo su ritmi tirati…..Quello che voglio dire che se applichi troppa pressione la nota tende ad andare in stiramento sonoro, che non è proprio come una distorsione sonora ma comunque il suono si sporca e perde le dolci armoniche che dovrebbe avere…..Per tutto il resto, colore, lavorazione, finitura niente da dire… è curato e niente da invidiare a tutti i blasonati handpan sparsi per il Globo….Anche il GU è fatto benissimo e ha usato una forma un po’ diversa da tutti gli altri, nel video si può vedere alcune riprese.…Prezzo? attualmente il prezzo e’ di 1200€ 8 note e 1400€ 9 note ma fino al 2017 la lista e’ chiusa. Armatevi di pazienza quindi se volete acquistare un Blesspan.Oltre a questo mystic ho avuto la possibilità di provare un’altro Blesspan 2016 di Michele la Paglia. (Grazie Caro per la tua special visita). La scala era praticamente una Melog ma con 7 note e un G4 al posto del A Grande scala e bel pan e quello che ho scritto per il mystic posso confermarlo a grandi linee anche per questo pan.

Well what else to say …. Great work Tommy …… love and passion that you put on top of each instrument is palpable and tangible and soon your pan will do the rounds of the world!

Beh che altro dire…. Grande lavoro tommy……l’amore e la passione che ci metti sopra ogni strumento è palpabile e tangibile e presto i tuoi pan faranno il giro di tutto il mondo!


Manufacturer’s Technical Informations from Tommy:

Hello to all followers of “Handpan reviews”, i thank you Ale for trying the latest generation Blesspan and for taking your time to this nice review. Following some technical info to reply to the review and to give useful news and information to whom in the future want a Blesspan musical instrument .

The Blesspan are made of a steel sheet which can vary in the thickness of 1 mm – 1.25 mm. It receives a heat treatment (tested and guaranteed) to exclude the possibility of the oxide / rust formation.

The shape of the shells is made with a numerical control plate lathe, for maximum precision. This process can affect the sound, but almost imperceptibly, while the heat treatment affects both the timbre of the instrument, and in that “noise” metal that we often hear in handpans..Blesspan continue research to find the cleanest sound.
It was chosen a 54 cm diameter to solve and improve impedance problems in some tones, this is a larger diameter than usual, that’s why there is the problem of the distance of the tones, expecially in the scales of 7 tones above all, for those who actually has small hands .
I wish to explain what we talk about when it comes to the topic “impedance.” In handpans because of their geometry and shape, we find tones that, in poor terms, “sound bad”, what does it mean? it means that generally for diameters used by manufacturers, namely from 50 to 60 cm maximum, we find three notes in particular that do not play properly, we speak of B4 – Bb4 – A4. In few words, when we play one of these notes, tuned on a wrong instrument diameter for that note, along with the sound of the note it is propagated, in the instrument, an echo dissonant … that annoys our ear, and do not left the note to vibrate freely itself..Over time, it has been identified by most manufacturers, the diameters to which some notes cannot be apply such as the A4 “sounds bad” by 55 cm to 60, B4 “sounds bad” under 53 cm, the Bb4 is an unknown for which almost all diameters are antagonists.
.That’s why, for this Blesspan, it has been choose a 54 cm diameter. Because the impedance of the B4 and also that of the A4 is lightened, giving us the opportunity, with a few tricks, to “clean” these two tones … the distance of the notes, especially in the 7 tones scales, and also the choice of a larger diameter, is due to this detail. 
The Gu is designed to be tuned with the scale and generally is granted in G5# – G5 or A5 according to the scale built. so you can play scale and Gu together.

Thank you again Ale and all the Hardcase staff for this great opportunity!……



Informazioni tecniche dal costruttore;Ciao a tutti followers dell’handpan review, ti ringrazio Ale per aver provato i Blesspan di ultima generazione e per aver dedicato tempo a questa bella recensione, di seguito qualche info tecnica per rispondere alla recensione e per dare notizie e informazioni utili a chi in futuro desidera uno strumento musicale Blesspan. I Blesspan sono costituiti di una lamiera in ferro che può variare nello spessore di 1 mm – 1,25 mm, riceve un trattamento termico (testato e garantito) per escludere la possibilità di formazione di ossido/ruggine, la creazione delle shells e’ fatta con un tornio in lastra a controllo numerico, per la massima precisione. Questa lavorazione può incidere nel suono, ma in maniera quasi impercettibile, mentre il trattamento termico, incide tanto nella timbrica dello strumento, e in quel “rumore” metallico che spesso sentiamo negli handpans, proprio per questo sono in continua fase di sviluppo e ricerca al fine di raggiungere un suono più pulito possibile……E’ stato scelto un diametro di 54 cm per risolvere e migliorare problemi di impedenza in alcune note, essendo questo un diametro più grande del solito, troviamo il problema della distanza delle note, nelle scale a 7 note sopratutto, per chi ha effettivamente mani piccole…..Vi spiego meglio di cosa parliamo quando si tratta l’argomento “impedenza”…Negli handpans proprio per la loro geometria e forma troviamo note che in termini poveri “suonano male”, cosa significa? significa che generalmente per i diametri utilizzati dai costruttori, ovvero da 50 cm a 60 massimo troviamo tre note in particolare che non suonano correttamente, parliamo della B4 – Bb4 – A4. in poche parole, quando suoniamo una di queste note, accordata su uno strumento di diametro erroneo rispetto a quella nota, insieme al suono della nota stessa si propaga nello strumento un eco dissonante… che infastidisce il nostro orecchio, e non lascia vibrare liberamente la nota stessa, sono stati individuati nel tempo dalla maggior parte dei costruttori, i diametri ai quali non e’ possibile applicare alcune note, ad esempio la A4 “suona male” generalmente dai 55 cm ai 60 la B4 “suona male” dai 53 cm in giù, la Bb4 e’ un incognita per la quale quasi tutti i diametri sono antagonisti……Proprio per questo Blesspan ha scelto un diametro intermedio di 54 cm poiché viene alleggerita l’impedenza del B4 e anche quella del A4 dandoci l’opportunità, con qualche trucchetto di “pulire” questi due toni… la distanza delle note, sopratutto nelle scale a 7 toni e dovuta a questo particolare, e quindi alla scelta di un diametro più grande. (faro’ tesoro di questa osservazione arrivata da Ale per porre miglioramenti a questo particolare).. Il Gu e stato ideato per poter essere accordato con la scala e generalmente viene accordato in G#5 – G5 o A5 in base alla scala costruita, così da poterlo suonare insieme.
Ringrazio ancora Ale e tutto lo staff Hardcase per questa bella opportunità!


Thank you all for your attention
 .. Grazie a tutti per la vs Attenzione…

Un abbraccio…Ciaoo….

Alessio Hangcare®

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