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5th Handpan Festival France - Domani de Farlet - Mèze

handpan festival france 2018
handpan festival

Hi everybody. Today I am really excited because tomorrow we’ll leave for the next Handpan Festival.

All it’s ready for the 5th edition of the Handpan Festival France.

Starting from July 11st to 15th in Domani del Farlet – Mèze – France.

We will be present with our little Crew and some products for sale. Obviously you will find us in the Handpan section and close to our dear friend Francky (Baopan).

So for those interested in 5 days of workshops, Jam, music and concerts I will wait for you at our stand and the Festival will give you the warmest welcome. 😀

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A hug and I wait for you all in France.

Alessio Hangcare.

Yishama Pantam 2018 -F2/ F G Ab C Eb F G review

Hello everyone and thank you again for following me so many.

Sorry if I’m not very present with video blogs but there are so many things to do and the projects that fly around Hct too.


I’m talking about the Yishama crew, and the two creators behind their harmonic wonders: Yonatan and Ido.

What strikes me most of them is that in a few years They have changed and shaped the landscape around Handpan and Pantam.

I’m talking about new construction, new materials. A research and development that could dwarf the best companies and the best Crews around  the world.

Once, twice times a year I’m lucky to meet them and each time they amaze me with ever more beautiful and incredible instruments.

I always say that this will be the last instrument that will amaze me but every time it’s not like that.

Such Crazy guys… i love them.

In Greece at the HONA Festival we were delighted with the latest creations with a new material called from them Hybrid material.

Pantam with only 7 note and super Deep, never try something like this before.
In this video I play a F2 Pigmy F2 / F G Ab C Eb F G … an instrument that leaves you breathless.

It ‘s true that it does matter how many notes you hammer and this “goldrush” to make so many notes often leaves without good  quality and magic harmonics.

It’s amazing also the gu Side. it’s use special wood / cartoon reflex GU.

It’s  Interesting because it amplifies the range of the sound and the strength of the low parts.

Anyway Buddy better leave you to the video that makes better than a hundred words.

I want thx again Ido and Yonatan for such passion and love for work and create magical moment in our life.  more info here: https://www.yishama.com 

See you around special souls.. Bless… :-*

Big  hug, see you soon around the World.

Alessio Hangcare.

The Video Review

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