Silver Copper treatment

Sonido De mano 2018- Scale (D) A Bb C D E F G A -Silver style -HcT Handpan review.

Hello everyone and thank you again for following me so many.

Sorry if I’m not very present with video blogs but there are so many things to do and the projects that fly around Hct too.

 Many of you will be complaining about this post because the maker in question has been talking a lot about himself in the past. Sometime also not good.

The fact remains that with this blog I want to objectively evaluate the instrument and the maker at present TODAY, without having interference with the past.

Sonido De mano is his name. I tried 2 instruments from him  and was pleasantly impressed by the quality,  intonation and the manufacture.

The instruments are different from the usual handpan, they are in fact chrome-plated and the measures reflect a little the fashion of the moment; I mean handpan under 50 cm in diameter.  However he produce from 46cm  up to a 54cm Diameter.

Heat treatment: oil-hardened tempering and surface treatment: Chrome-plating

SCALE: D minor Low (D) A Bb C D E F G A

Price given by the maker: € 1400 I think with soft bag included.

The smaller version 46cm, Called TravelPan, 9 notes : 1000 €

He will come soon with  stainless steel Shell for 750 € , anyway not tried yet.

The instrument in the video it’s the Chromed version of 54cm. Scale D minor Low (D) A Bb C D E F G A.

The instrument is pleasant to play and well tuned. The manufacture is well done and does not present major defects.

Personally I do not like the chrome effect to the appearance but it is pleasant to the touch anyway. Obviously the positive feature that ensures the chrome plating to the instrument is an extreme resistance to scratches, humidity and rust. Not bad featuring for traveling with handpan.

I’d be curious to try the 46Cm one because it still has an attractive price for all the beginner.


The version shown in this photo is a particular treatment of copper color. Very interesting in appearance. Unfortunately, it is not yet ready for a video review. The sound is too rough and is not perfect in tune.

However for any more info I suggest to contact Jose on his FB page.

Thx guys for your attentions.

Big Big Bless to everyone.


Alessio Hangcare.

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LUPAN D / A Bb C D E F G A C - Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

Hello everyone,

and thank you again for being so many to follow my blog.

Today, even though extremely late on the roadmap, I would like to talk to you about a dear friend of mine and of course an excellent maker.

His name is Mark Lupescu and his Brand Name is Lupan.

Currently produces in the smiley and sunny Spain.

What can I say, other amazing handpan tuner talent and what it produces?? I really like it.

I’ve been following Mark for a long time and his instrument has all the characteristics to be part of a collection as varied as mine.

I will not give you too much info, like shell treatments and prices for explicit Mark request but I can only advise all of you to watch the video here below and realize that this handpan it’s full of nuances sweet and charm.

Tones and fundamentals are excellent and I really like how the sound is soft and sweet to the touch and listening. Certainly will not make a bad impression next to the most famous handpans.

I leave you listening the video, so you can make your own personal opinion about it.

Here you can find more info about Lupan.

Big hug

Alessio Hangcare.

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