Silver Copper treatment

Sonido De mano 2018- Scale (D) A Bb C D E F G A -Silver style -HcT Handpan review.

Hello everyone and thank you again for following me so many.

Sorry if I’m not very present with video blogs but there are so many things to do and the projects that fly around Hct too.

 Many of you will be complaining about this post because the maker in question has been talking a lot about himself in the past. Sometime also not good.

The fact remains that with this blog I want to objectively evaluate the instrument and the maker at present TODAY, without having interference with the past.

Sonido De mano is his name. I tried 2 instruments from him  and was pleasantly impressed by the quality,  intonation and the manufacture.

The instruments are different from the usual handpan, they are in fact chrome-plated and the measures reflect a little the fashion of the moment; I mean handpan under 50 cm in diameter.  However he produce from 46cm  up to a 54cm Diameter.

Heat treatment: oil-hardened tempering and surface treatment: Chrome-plating

SCALE: D minor Low (D) A Bb C D E F G A

Price given by the maker: € 1400 I think with soft bag included.

The smaller version 46cm, Called TravelPan, 9 notes : 1000 €

He will come soon with  stainless steel Shell for 750 € , anyway not tried yet.

The instrument in the video it’s the Chromed version of 54cm. Scale D minor Low (D) A Bb C D E F G A.

The instrument is pleasant to play and well tuned. The manufacture is well done and does not present major defects.

Personally I do not like the chrome effect to the appearance but it is pleasant to the touch anyway. Obviously the positive feature that ensures the chrome plating to the instrument is an extreme resistance to scratches, humidity and rust. Not bad featuring for traveling with handpan.

I’d be curious to try the 46Cm one because it still has an attractive price for all the beginner.


The version shown in this photo is a particular treatment of copper color. Very interesting in appearance. Unfortunately, it is not yet ready for a video review. The sound is too rough and is not perfect in tune.

However for any more info I suggest to contact Jose on his FB page.

Thx guys for your attentions.

Big Big Bless to everyone.


Alessio Hangcare.

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Yishama Pantam 2018 -F2/ F G Ab C Eb F G review

Hello everyone and thank you again for following me so many.

Sorry if I’m not very present with video blogs but there are so many things to do and the projects that fly around Hct too.


I’m talking about the Yishama crew, and the two creators behind their harmonic wonders: Yonatan and Ido.

What strikes me most of them is that in a few years They have changed and shaped the landscape around Handpan and Pantam.

I’m talking about new construction, new materials. A research and development that could dwarf the best companies and the best Crews around  the world.

Once, twice times a year I’m lucky to meet them and each time they amaze me with ever more beautiful and incredible instruments.

I always say that this will be the last instrument that will amaze me but every time it’s not like that.

Such Crazy guys… i love them.

In Greece at the HONA Festival we were delighted with the latest creations with a new material called from them Hybrid material.

Pantam with only 7 note and super Deep, never try something like this before.
In this video I play a F2 Pigmy F2 / F G Ab C Eb F G … an instrument that leaves you breathless.

It ‘s true that it does matter how many notes you hammer and this “goldrush” to make so many notes often leaves without good  quality and magic harmonics.

It’s amazing also the gu Side. it’s use special wood / cartoon reflex GU.

It’s  Interesting because it amplifies the range of the sound and the strength of the low parts.

Anyway Buddy better leave you to the video that makes better than a hundred words.

I want thx again Ido and Yonatan for such passion and love for work and create magical moment in our life.  more info here: 

See you around special souls.. Bless… :-*

Big  hug, see you soon around the World.

Alessio Hangcare.

The Video Review

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LUPAN D / A Bb C D E F G A C - Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

Hello everyone,

and thank you again for being so many to follow my blog.

Today, even though extremely late on the roadmap, I would like to talk to you about a dear friend of mine and of course an excellent maker.

His name is Mark Lupescu and his Brand Name is Lupan.

Currently produces in the smiley and sunny Spain.

What can I say, other amazing handpan tuner talent and what it produces?? I really like it.

I’ve been following Mark for a long time and his instrument has all the characteristics to be part of a collection as varied as mine.

I will not give you too much info, like shell treatments and prices for explicit Mark request but I can only advise all of you to watch the video here below and realize that this handpan it’s full of nuances sweet and charm.

Tones and fundamentals are excellent and I really like how the sound is soft and sweet to the touch and listening. Certainly will not make a bad impression next to the most famous handpans.

I leave you listening the video, so you can make your own personal opinion about it.

Here you can find more info about Lupan.

Big hug

Alessio Hangcare.

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PanStream (D) A Bb D E F G A C 2018 - HcT Review

Thx to PAnStream – UK.
Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

Hello everyone pan player and not … 😀 Today I am happy to introduce a maker who would not need any introduction. A true master in the world of steel. Mark Wilson by PanStream has finally emerged from the shell to be reborn as a butterfly full of colors and liveliness. I love this guy… He’s full of Talent and he will show really soon.

The instrument just played here is the result of passion, love and knowledge about Steel and SteelPan and now HandPan. Over then 20 years of experience isn’t possible to buy in 1 day.

From the first moment I open the box and take out of the bag, Evatek of course, 😀 I understood the finest quality respect compared to last year, when I spoke with him at Hangout UK.

Color, touch and external finish are excellent and is also a pleasure for the eyes.

Speaking of the handpan no need to say that buy one and try it in person to believe how it’s amazing.
Clear, well balanced and with a really irrepressible sustain. The harmonics are so sweet that you loose yourself inside like an endless loop.

I can not add anything but my most vivid compliments to Mark for the splendid result obtained. An instrument ready to take the place of the most demanding collections and for the most experienced players. Another merit is the price, only 1350 GBP UK taxes included without Bag and shipping.
Well it’s really an interesting price compared to the quality and manufacture of this instrument.
For the shells they use 1.14mm thick DC04 metal and hydroformed shell from him self i suppose.
Instrument is nitrided and heat treated (baked). i don’t have anymore info from the maker about the treatment.

The scale.. Such easy scale, but so deep and sure from the BEST SELLER scale.
D minor with notes: (D) A Bb D E F G A C – it’s a combination between Mystic and Insen scales.

Anyway i will keep this baby for my private collection because meritate to stay with me now 😀

So, I do not want to bore all of us again with many speeches and i leave with my impro.
I had a lot of fun playing it, thanks again to Mark for making me dream again for 7 min. Wow ..

A special hug to all of you. See you soon for other reviews.

Alessio Hangcare

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Leaf Sound Sculpture-Arboreal (Eb) Bb B Db Eb Gb Bb B Eb 2017 Handpan HcT Review

Today I’m happy to do a review for a maker who deserves all love from the community and mine Love of course. A great Brother and an example of life for me His name is Zach. For those of you who do not know Zach he’s the creator of Leaf sound sculpture the famous Pan with the white leaf 😀

What to say, Zach is a master in every sense that manages with his hands and his inventiveness and ingenuity to create delicate sound, perfect instruments with a sweet sound. His technique of construction and the research of materials make him one of the extremely competent handpan makers in the world.

The pan that I present today is made with Classic DC04 ( no stainless steel) but it have an unexpected and new surprise on the GU side.
But first I would like to tell you the funny story of why Zach created this Pan with an IMPEDANCE SUPPRESSOR made in Aluminum in the GU.

It all started with a review I did about a year and a half ago in USA of a HALO Arboreal (Eb) Bb B Db Eb Gb Bb B Eb. As many will know this scale on classical measures is impossible to achieve. The impedances would be too dominant and the instrument would be dirty and full of flaws but the Halo tried was sublime and pure perfect sound.

After zach saw my video he fell in love with the scale and he started to studying how to cut impedances on Eb Bb and do it on regular size handpan .. From Here is his impedance suppressor born.

Part take from Zach.:
Impedance suppressor
With this simple object it will redirect the sound waves and reflect on themselves, it also reduces the bandpass inside the body itself creating a solid free environment for the notes to sing/breathe. This has shown to work best with a not so resonant material to refuse further complications with the helmholz.

I was pleasantly surprised to play this instrument and have almost the same feelings as when I tried this scale on a HALO.
I thought it was not possible to play this scale anymore..
Brothers… Incredible cleanliness and clarity that this Leaf has. The dynamics are excellent and it’s easy to get lost in its sweetness harmonics….My gosh i love this scale … NO WAY…
Shaping and construction are maniacally precision and this accessory in the GU makes the instrument really compact but nice sustain at the same time. Hard to describe, just playing it you can understand the incredible research and development work that was done behind this handpan.
Obviously at the end of the review I kept the instrument because I could not let it escape and not keep it forever in my private collection.
Zach Thanks again for everything, I love you and I hope to hugs you soon ! !
More info:

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Flowpan- C Prodigal - By Karumi Steel 2017-Handpan HcT Review

Thank you all for the thousands of mails I receive on the blog, and pardon me for being inconsistent with new video releases. I promise to find more time to dedicate to this project.

Today, I would like to talk to you about a young maker, who, in very little time went through a pleasant transformation, producing top notch instruments. I referring to the new FlowPan by Karumi Steel from Poland.

We have been friends for a long time and I practically followed his work from the very start and I have seen his progress. In a single year, he transformed his instrument in an incredible way.

I had the chance to try out a minor scale at hang out UK and asked him if could write a review. This handpan is really wonderful to play, it has great sustain and the harmonics are very pleasant.

Obviously it has a few crosstalk issues, but they are pleasantly veiled by the beautiful harmonics and the powerful volume the instrument has in general.

You can tell that it has been built with passion and love for his work, far beyond the business connected with it. Priced at about 1400€ it is certainly a pan to keep an eye on for any category of players. From

easily pleased beginners to hard to please experts. The instrument is nitrated and has an enjoyable touch. Also the finishing and the color are those of TOP SHELF pans. Little else to add, I can only wish you to try out a Flowpan as soon as possible. You won’t regret it. A brief video to showcase the pan.

Big hug ….

Alessio Hangcare.

For more info on FlowPan, please click here:

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PanAmor – F) C C# Eb F G Ab C Eb - Mandala Design 2017 Handpan HcT Review

Hi everybody, and thanks for being closer and closer with the HcT crew family ;-)… Excuse my absence from the blog, but now i have finally returned after numerous commitments and festivals, which have embellished our summer lives, and i’m proud to bring you some fresh news from the world.

Today, i want to tell you about a British couple, lovely and crazy at the same time i would say.

I’m talking about PanAmor F) C C# Eb F G Ab C Eb – Mandala Design 2017 In the video below, i’m playing an integral scale with a beautiful, high quality mandala design on top of it. This instrument was built in August 2017, hence that was built very recently.

At any rate, besides the external beauty of the instrument and the wonderful, slightly iridescent coloring, I am very satisfied with sound.

Crystal clear and neat sound, sweet and sharp harmonics, sum up to an instrument that is pleasant to play for hours on end.

The control and dynamics of PanAmor is definitely to my liking. Easy to play and resistant even to harder and more audacious playing. This instrument is an instrument for everybody. Both seasoned pan players and beginners who are only starting to peak into this world.

And where put this Amazing Mandala? FULL 360° Artist inside this instrument… Congratulation..


Anyway, better say little and play more. I leave you with the video and i catch you again at the next blog entry….. No worries.

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Meridian Handpan - C# Annaziska 2017 – Handpan HcT Review

Hello everybody and welcome back …
Today I’m happy to review the work of a builder who I’m following since he started.

The name of the brand is Meridian, the builder comes from the UK.
He started strong from the very beginning, selling his prototypes at reasonable prices, but what I always liked about him is the passion he dedicates to his craft.

The instrument he kindly sent me for the review is an Annaziska C minor; a classic scale which many of us love.
The first thing to be noticed about this pan is its finishing.

The colour, the brass rim, the ding is so shiny you can mirror yourself in it. All these factors are signs for extreme care and love for the craft. I truly commend
the aesthetic finishing.

The moment I started playing, I liked it right away. It has very smooth
harmonics even if, for my personal taste, they resonate almost too much
at times, but as a whole, the sustain is incredible and for all the fans of long pauses, this pan is a must to have in a collection.

The ding too is really profound and well made and surely for those who love the style of long lasting sounds with lots of pauses, this instrument is an ideal companion for sound meditation.

The tuning is perfect with very little crosstalk. Dynamics are really perfect too, despite its long sustain.

The pan is also beautifully controllable.
All this without even talking about the selling price, which is in the neighborhood of 1150 Pounds corresponding to about 1300,00 EUROS.

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TaoPan 2017 – Kurd 8 – Handpan HcT Review

JAN TAO Hello everybody and welcome back to this highly debated blog … a little bird told me that i’m dictating the market with this blog and i think it’s madness to even think something like this.
I always pointed out that this blog originates from the passion that I have for everything i do and i think this instrument deserves all of my attention, which will remain personal, but expressed publicly.
So, expressing a personal evaluation has become problematic? Do I rule the roost and be damaging or favouring some builders over others? If this is the case, I could stop tomorrow because that would mean that everything i wanted to get across in all these years is completely lost.

I would like to get some feedback regarding this topic, but non on this post… this post is dedicated to Jan TAO … i think  a new revelation in the Pan World…
He works in Germany and is profoundly dedicated to learning every detail of the manufacturing of these instruments. A student of Zach (Leaf Handpan) and others like Jan Borren and many more…
I saw his talent right away from the videos i watched on FB, especially a Kurd 8 made me stop in my mouse and turn up the volume… We got into contact and he unexpectedly sent me the very pan present in this video.
The scale: D A Bb C D E F G A.  At first touch you can tell there is still some work to do. He is a young maker, who is learning but at the same time i could feel an instrument full of life, rich in sound and sweet harmonies.

As you start playing it, it is enjoyable to touch but especially enjoyable to play. It is very warm and profound and it’s obvious that there is a lot of love in what he does. He is serious about it and most of all you can tell his effort to create an instruments in the future worthy of the TOP shelf.

At any rate, speaking with Jan, i understood that he is a person full of passion and the will to leave a mark in the future. Going back to the instrument, also the nitrated finishing is sweet and smooth to the touch, even if personally i would have preferred a less grey look… but looks is the last and least factor i consider.

Its greatest flaw for now is stability. When played strongly the sounds tends to spread and screech a little bit, but nonetheless it has good dynamics and is very pleasant to play.

I spent some time with it and i must say i had a good time playing it in the past few weeks. What to say, i leave you with a couple of videos from the panroom and leave it to you to evaluate this Taopan, a new builder added to this garden of more or less established fantastic builders.

I leave you here telling you for the umpteenth time that everything i write here and in all the other posts are and always will be purely PERSONAL evaluations and I think you should all take my words as a cue for growth and not for judgement.

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Jan'Pannen (Jan Borren) 2017 – Kurd 17 – Handpan HcT Review

Hello everybody and welcome back to our review appointment.

Once again, today i’m dedicating 5 minutes of my busy life to talk about a personality, who absolutely doesn’t need any introduction or review from me, but it is always a pleasure.

First because we’re friends and second because when you have the chance to get your hands on beauties like this Jan Borren Kurd 17 :-O, it would be stupid to let it slip through.

It all came about through a nice surprise visit by Benny Bettane (thanks brother), who in October came by with a Jan Borren Kurd 17.

A pan that certainly keeps you busy, given all the notes on the bottom… For sure, it is not for rookies and seen that I am a little bit of a rookie, I could try it out only half way through, i.e. I only played the top notes, leaving the bottom side for another recording.

I hope i will be forgiven for that. Anyway, to go back to the review, Jan Borren i think is well known with fame and glory… very young, but with such a genius mind that it’s hard to imagine him being so young.

He is churning out sublime, timeless creations and personally i think of him as an artist and not only a handpan maker. Every time I try out a Jan Pan my jaw drops a little further and, as is the case for very few other builders, i can’t find any flaws in his instruments worth pointing out.. only a lot of beauty and the desire to have one for myself… 😀

What can I tell you my friends… this Kurd too, is marvelous with its unbelievably many notes. The precision is that of a laser surgeon and the harmonics are like high speed bullets. This Kurd 17 is so bright and crystal clear that it pierces your ear (in a good way, obviously).

The dynamic is so enjoyable that you would never want to stop playing it, and whether you play it delicately or heavy-handed, the sound always extends softly and never goes into distortion or dissonance, rather, it creates a magical aura.

Even the crossover audible in the video and in reality at times, makes it incredibly enjoyable and all melts down to full perfection… Also the colour, surface and touch are truly beautiful and very similar to Ayasa instruments. Mamma mia .. I don’t have any other words to describe it…

I can only leave you to the video in the hopes to do it justice as I said above.

A heartfelt hug to all of you .

Good Vibes .. With Love .

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