Yishama Pantam E-DaNaYo (E/ A B C D E F A B C) 2016 - HcT Handpan Review

Hello guys and sorry but the absence of festivals and working time is really short.

Today I’m excited to present a name already known in the community but that all Handpan not know him

His name is Yonatan and produces wonderful instruments in Israel, the land of the sun …From the first note I played I realized how wonderful this tool.

Already from the first note you realize the harmonious and sweet sound. So warm… so sweet… so cool…. The scale it’s absolutely amazing.. i want one… AHAHHE DaNaYo  is the scale E/ A B C D E F A B C so dramatically … so it’s perfect for me.. auauau

It ‘a pan that deserves attention and is day-to-day sonic discovery but it’s very balanced although occasionally resonates a bit ‘for my personal taste, not at all overbearing and all its resonance goes well with everything else. I mean all defect are super well covered all together .. Amazing … amazing..

Incredible dynamic too and it is a pleasure to play on it as skim the surface of a moving river. Also the color and the outside finished is really cool… of course not much important for me… The first need sound .. 😉

This is a great Toy for Older Nerds kids.. 😀 The attention to detail and a beautiful sound make it a handpan to have in the collections. No way… i want one soon 😀

Yonatan has a great future in front of him and deserves my full support because the result in such a short time is admirable and you are a lovely guy…

I don’t know about treatment or magic potions but the results it’s born from a wizard…..Price lists are not yet well established and is therefore preferable to contact him directly Here: yonatanbarr@gmail.com or Here

still more?.. Here my short Demo but.. anyway…Brother this track  is dedicated for you and Thx you for giving these works of art to the universe …

Big Love… Much Blessing…

Ciao Alessio

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Leaf handpan -Lulaby - (F#) A C# D E F# G A D - HcT Handpan Blog Review -Handpan

Hello Everybody, thanks again for being here everyday, encouraging me with hundreds of messages of appreciation and support… :-*

I’m honored by all of this and I will strive to keep my efforts going ;-)…..Today, I wanted to talk to you about a new and very young builder, who I think is truly promising.

He lives and builds in Germany, but is not very active on social media due to his reserved nature. Meeting Zach in Austria, i noticed that he had not only a great mind, but also a great soul, and is nonetheless a very humble person. Thank God for finding yet another lost brother… 😉

When he came to visit me at HcT we seized the opportunity to talk about his work, present and future. He arrived with a wonderful F#, a lullaby scale, very sweet and conceived in fact for his daughter… :-D, enjoyable to play not only for this reason.

What impressed me most with Zach is the fact that he experiments with metal alloys different from all other builders. At any rate, his current standard material is stainless steel. In fact, the total brilliance of sound, given by this type of metal has already been achieved.

It is no longer the mellow and gloomy sound of classic handpans but an overall louder and more brilliant sound. It’s like moving into a loft apartment, escaping from a dark cellar. 😀 don’t know if i’m making myself clear, hehehe. Obviously, this factors in with some styles, mostly in regards to hand pressure when playing.

It is an instrument that favors soft and light styles. It’s enough to just brush against the note and it sounds right away. The sensitivity of this instrument is incredible, simply by touching it lightly.

It is a meditative pan by all means. For me it is a discovery because it is completely different from all the others, and it’s very interesting to explore this new sound. The instrument is well structured and built, the color is perfectly even.

The touch is a little cold, due the material I think, but it is still soft and smooth. The notes are perfect and perfectly tuned. Nothing to complain. Its peculiarity is that it is very light and practical to carry about anywhere with no hassle.

It’ll be really cool inside my new Evatek Mini 😉 The sustain is beautiful and unbridled, and the dynamics and balancing of all the notes are truly worthy of a TOP PAN. Just like when I was talking about the RAV drum, which wasn’t a pan for my personal taste, i could say the same about this, but after years of hearing the same type of sounds, i like to explore new horizons and this one, just like the RAV drum, is a perfect one to start.

There is nothing missing from the Leaf handpan, rather, it has something that maybe only few handpans have at the moment. It doesn’t go out of tune and it doesn’t rust, but most of all, you can play it even under direct sunlight without the risk of damaging it. This may be the news many globe-trotter pan players were waiting for.

I spoke with Zach for hours and he explained to me how come his instrument is almost indestructible both in regards to tuning and rust and he asked me to make a video in which i would beat on the pan as powerful as possible trying to detune it..

At the end of Viagra Coupon Code – Get Free Discount Coupon for Viagra store. the video, I made a little test, beating on every note with all my might (trying not to break my fingers) and in fact, the tuning remained completely unfazed. I also verified this with some clients who own a Leaf and matter of factly they are all very happy, because it is an instrument that doesn’t need any care and maintenance.

This is really incredible and should be communicated better all around the community, given that detuning and rust is a common problem, felt in all of our community.

The price too is very interesting at about 1200€ – 1400€. Lists? At present, I don’t think he works with a waiting list but only on appointment directly in Germany where he is producing. Call him, make an appointment, and it will be a pleasure to meet him in person… At any rate, for further information please contact Zach & Leaf Handpan directly. Not me 😀 I said all on my side..

I will leave you now with the video and a big hug from the heart…

Ciao and see you at the next review… :-* Alessio Hangcare.

Thx for kind translation from David Hauser

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° °EchoSound Sculpture 2016-Golden Amara 7.C / G Bb C D

As usual, today I feel excited to present the long-awaited New Asachan 2016 ….

From the origin in 2013, with the 1st Generation, superb and unbelievable, 2014 and 2015 were years of reflection and experimentation to come out today with a stunning version and full of magic.

Today 2016, 4 years after its first creation, everything has changed and I can say that the direction taken is clearly better than in the past …

The first impression I had, when I saw the new Echo Sound Sculpture workshop, was to get in front of a close-knit team with an immense desire to grow and succeed in such an untapped market but at the same time competitive.

I saw a lot of work and a lot of professionalism in the way they work and refine their Pan and this gave me a great pleasure.

They have everything is needed to make extreme manufacturing handpan, research in sound and treat every nuance and particularity. I was so pleased to see San so motivated and full of passion and love for his work and I can only see a bright future ahead of them…But let’s talk about the instrument.

Echo Sound Sculpture – 

Golden Amara 7 -ESS 2016

C / G Bb C D Eb F G

Impro Track 2- Reverse Position. 

Starting from the color that is the first thing that catches the eye, we can see that is completely different from all past generations.

This Golden version is a version that should enter into Asachan collection in short time and will be proposed perhaps for all scales that Echo sound will offer in the near future.

However, for the moment, it is among the first in circulation and I can assure you that it’s really beautiful …. San asked me a sincere advice of how I find this new treatment, and after a careful assessment I found many improvements over the whole Black version.

The sound is warm yet ringing and present … The sustain is great and not too disruptive. In fact, the dynamics and control and balance are perfect and play this instrument is something sublime …

In addition to this he finely worked as a Carthusian to try UDU sounds, clay and wood and have in the same instrument an immense variety of sounds even non-metallic and out from the sounds of Handpan.

Really incredible work. Besides having these possibilities of action makes this pan really a comprehensive instrument for compositions of a certain level, a pan definitely dedicated to great musicians … not sure Me, who delight in short improvisations.

This is a pan which deserves further deep study and practice to reach a deadly tune without compromise.

The only flaw I can find is the weight. Because it’s made with 1,25mm thickness steel, the final weight is decidedly important.

Not all evil comes to harm, however, because using these thicknesses the pan is much more resistant to detuning and you can play it with more force than other instruments.

It will be a great Handpan for all buskers and street performances. . . . Obviously the tuning is perfect and if anyone still had doubts about the new quality of Echosound with this video will clarify ideas once and for all.

I want to avoid talking about price, I can only mention that the new generations will have a higher cost than in the past.

It ‘really a nice pan to play with every style and rhythm and are really proud to be its new owner … Welcome to the family GoldenAmara …:-D

Thanks again for your attention and See you soon for my Next Review …Big Bless and LOVE….

Thx to you Sweet Translate .. Kappo… Translate 

Un abbraccio…Ciaoo…. Alessio Hangcare®

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Handpan Video Blog Review °°° Pantheon Steel Halo Batch 5 Cirrus Arboreal (Heb)

Hello guys and welcome back on our blog.

During my visit to the US I was lucky to try a new Halo -Batch  5- Feb-2016. Scale:  Cirrus Arboreal (Heb) B Bb Eb Db Gb Bb Eb B.

What to say ?? I was blown away by the wonderful handpan that I found myself facing.

6 years ago when I started to explore these instrument I always paused to dream in front of the many videos  from HALO batch 1-2-3… from the warm and enveloping sound and unmistakable timbre. …but after a few years the Halo are getting worse changed the sustain, dynamics and much more…

But is it really true that nothing is ever lost …This new batch 5 in fact it was for me a new discovery of a company that still works with professionalism and research in detail.

Thanks to  Raymond I had the chance to play a beautiful new batch generation 5. This Halo is full of sounds, full of dynamic, full of clear harmonics. A wraparound instrument as it was in the past.

The high notes are so bright that it is impossible to get tired of playing them. The deep bass are powerful and wrap you in a full 360 degrees.

There is little to say, and only to listen. So take your best headphones …. close your eyes and try to fly with me ….  https://youtu.be/zFiJDbf9Yco 

Thanks to the Pantheon Steel and Kyle to continue to create wonderful works of art……A special hug goes to our dear Jim Dusin and I dedicate this songs for  you .. now you can fly along around your creations.

Thanks for everything … R.I.P Jim..

Alessio Hangcare.

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° ° Zen Handpan 2015 - Celtic Minor (B) F#, A, B, C#,

Hello guy and nice to see you Again… 😀

Taking the opportunity during the SUper Kabe visit I want share Today My private Zen Handpan Celtic Minor scale. It was built from Manny Guerrero USA CA in 2015 . Zen Website

Scale: (B) F#, A, B, C#, D, E, F#

The size and shape is quite Halo style and it’s quite heavy too. The surface is to soft and pleasure to touch and play too. Also the color is deep and good uniformity around all surface.

Easy to get rust it often need to protect with froglube Clp or similar product.

The shell are made all by Hand and Manny not use any mould or press the tuned field shell too.

During play i can fell inside pure passion and right construction too. Made by sweat and love… and i can touch inside every note and harmonic during play…. You can really go inside the sound and lost you soul around heavenly place. 🙂

The style for  play Zen would be different then play regular size Handpan, is to Big and the surface is to sensibile touch … he play everywhere around all pan and called Zen is  perfect for describe this pan. The best way to play i think is hear it during play and follow it with gentle movement and soft play.

It’s perfect for zen and healing music session, Yoga, Meditation class, …. but sure also for other use… but for play busking i think it’s to big and heavy and fragile too.

So no need to play fast or hard . and enjoy  Zen on silence place is amazing experience then street or crowded places

Also i’m more happy because Kabe try my Zen for him visit around Hct crew… Bro you are So COOLLL and was an amazing Experience…

Thx my bro and hope to meet you soon Again…

OK guys… STOP talk and I think is better leave space for some video.. better then read my Comic english. 😀

This Video was recording with Professional Studio Mic inside Studio Volta Recordings. LINK HERE Ciao … Big Love.. Blessing… Music…

Alessio Hangcare.

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° ° Meraki 1°Gen 2015- Nr-8 Mystic 8 ° ° °

Hello guys nice to see again. A short review from my Meraki 1°Gen 2015- Nr-8 Mystic 8 🙂 . . .

I’m happy to share this Rare Meraki instrument, It’s a beginning from Jean and it’s special because it’s was made all by hand, also the shell … not used shellopan yet.

The instrument have some defect on hight note and it’s a prototype but i really love it…. The sound inside him imperfection is amazing and warm…. the ding is powerFull and play it is a great experience.

The volume is to hight and it’s perfect for busking too.

The shoulder tone around ding is full of perfect and balanced sound…

Here one video from Davide Swarup… Ciao broo see you soon…

Many Pan Player ask to swap it with many good pan but i ca’t accept because inside it i can feel a strong soul and amazing Passion…. so please no asck anymore to swap or sell it 😀 i CAN’T….

Here my last video from the same Panroom and same Recoding camera.

Of course no effect adding for video editing. My recording will be always on original recording and impro live.

Thx for the attention and i want wish a new Lovely incoming 2016…

See you Next Year 😉


Alessio Hangcare®

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° ° Meraki F Pigmy & F Equinox 9 ° ° °

Prato – Italy – Hct WareHouse  on Friday 20 November 2015

Hello guy i’m alessio from Hardcase Technologies. I want start my experiment today with a special visit inside HcT Pan room ..

About the experiment ? Sure… so easy, i want recording video  inside same PanRoom and same Camera ZoomQ8 and recording all different pan and scale that can i meet.

I’m also Lucky because every month i receive many visitor for different reason and i’m happy and glad to recording all handpan incoming to me, and it’s honor play and  explain my suggestion on different Scale and Maker.

I will use my Blog inside Hct Website , would become more easy for all of us follow my adventures.

Today Friday 20 November 2015  i had a pleasure to play with my Friend Nauhuel Ed From Spain. He goes to visit Jean (meraki) and after  he was come to visit me for play some Short Jam and imprinting some nice Vib around Universe.  I think it’s most important now… :-

Nauhuel came with Meraki F Equinox…. Amazing pan guys.… Sustain is little bit close because it’s really new one but WOWOW it have an amazing Harmonic…. It’s so sweet and warm, and the control is very very good… The surface and color is the quite same from all meraki that i saw to tried.

Scale ok it’s so famous scale and in F is so deep but also open for goo hight around the sky 😀

And finally surprise ?? F Equinox 9 and F Pigmy are amazing  between played…..!!!!  The Harmonic married all together like the star with the universe . it’s a full of different sound around all the room….. Amazing experience… JEAN…. Francois…. Equinox F para meeee…. For sure 😉

Here 2 video for better  explain my funny english. .

My friend Nau… thx for you short visit and i hope to see you for the next Hangout UK 😉

Enjoy with you Ferrari.

P.S: If some Pan Maker are interesting to have some review can contact me by Hct Website or FB community.

Stay tuned for the next Maker Review. 

Keep Calm and Play Music.


Alessio By HcT crew.

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° ° Disco Armonico (MdR) G Equinox New Gen 2016 ° ° °

Ciao again from Alessio Hangcare.

Today I wanted to share my personal feelings about this new prototype from Marco Della Ratta, who makes the Disco Armonico (MDR).

Several months ago I suggested to Marco that he should try to hammer a few nitrided shells that Shellopan uses.

I present you with the final results from Marco’s latest work using those nitrided shells.

MDR Equinox scale. G-B-C-D-E-F#-G-B

My first impression was that the sound was very lovely…and the final timbre was so different compared to the shells Marco typically uses.

The sustain was better and the sound was warm.

This particular instrument is still not perfect and can use a little work with the harmonics but I know that can be improved easily.

I would be very happy if Marco used the Shellopan shells for his 2016 batch of MDR’s, would be a new level of sound, and MDR fans would really like the new sound.

I want to humbly thank Marco for agreeing to make an instrument with the new shells and I hope to see more MDR’s like this in the future.

Ciao bro and thank you for all your hard work.

Special thx for translation. Jeremy Dee.

Alessio Hangcare®

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° ° SoulPan -Paradiso ° ° °

Hello guys and happy to see all of us again.

Today i’d like to show my next experience with a fresh handpan maker. Simone Calabrese. He come from Italy, near Bergamo and he’s a really sweet guy. Big pleasure to meet him by live.

The instrument is called Soulpan . The scale tried is note: F) A C E F G A C Paradiso scale.

The material is shaped turned like Halo or BlessPan or similar. 1mm thickness.The size is like hang or bells , 50 cm Diameter and 22-23 cm Hight.

The sound is clear but no good sustain at the moment. Of course it come from first prototype and i think he have good opportunity to improve so fast and really sooner.

Soul pan have soul inside … nice name for the passion that i can fell inside that Handpan. Full of work and attention to improve the instrument.

The surface is like halo material but he told me want change shell soon as possible… so at the moment i can only test him tuned and shaped tunefield.

Harmonic 5°° and 8° note are tuned but need to be more clean.. That Iron material used from him not help to much. Of course it’s  nitrited like other handpan.

The Gu Side is not perfect tuned  but it’s really well done and is like panart GU… Lovely work.. bro

Price is not  to hight because he not ready to coming out on official way… At the moment i think about 500 max 800€ no more..

I’m so glad to play it and sure… i can fell some cool update soon..

Here some info about him.

soulpanhandpan.tk – Official FB Page.

Thx to Simone Calabrese and i hope to see you soon inside HcT PanRoom.

P.S: Camera, Audio  setting, room, style of play are always same for have the most real and same results.

Thx for attention and Enjoy my short video.

Ciao Alessio Hangcare®

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HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° ° ° Meraki F Pigmy ° ° °

Hello again :-)…. i need to review my personal Meraki because i really love it …

Short Info… F Pigmy Meraki Scale: F G Ab C Eb F G Ab C

Building Year: June 2015. Shell from shellopan and tuned and nitrated from Jean Francois.

I don’t make any presentation about the maker… all people know him but for new incoming pan player here all info from Meraki


Sound, control, sustain, harmonic, tuned… all is perfect… and it’s to hard find a defect inside this pan. Maybe sometime it have to much resonance, now is more open then was new one… but the sound resonance is perfect played all together also. Amazing pan… And i want thx to Jean to follow my request…. i can find all inside it… 😉

About waiting list ? It’s not easy enter inside a list now but we hope for new one next year 2016.

About price better ask directly to Jean Francois… I’m not here for selling meraki or other handpan.

I want share some cool video from this Meraki F pigmy… from me Big pleasure to had shared it around amazing Musician.

Thx for the Attention.


Alessio HangCare®

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