Phoenix® Handpan care Oil – RustCare Give new life to your instrument.
Phoenix Handpan Oil is skin safe, nonhazardous and made with 99,5% of raw vegetal material. Playing every day means touch the instrument and breath the sound. For that reason we believe that is very important to use a natural product who respect the instrument but also your skin and health.
Thanks to a special formula Phoenix Handpan Oil protects your instrument from rust and leaves a shiny finish on it.
Walkstool Basic comes in two different sitting heights – 50 cm and 60 cm (20 in and 24 in). The seat is made of black polyester and is app. 20% bigger in size than a normal seat for a three legged stool. The legs are grey to match the seat.
Walkstool Basic has a similar light weight construction as the Walkstool Comfort models, including telescopic legs in aluminum. It is manufactured in China with a quality high enough for most people to use it for many years.
Walkstool is the only three legged telescopic stool in the world with patents and trademark protections.
Walkstool Steady is an accessory for Walkstool Comfort. It can be used with all Walkstool Comfort models by changing its setting according to your model. Walkstool Steady is made with three kinds of users in mind:
- People using Walkstool outdoors with the risk of having the rubber feet sinking into the ground – typically hunters.
- Professional users working on slippery surfaces with the need of making Walkstool even more sturdy and reliable.
- Big people in need of a portable seat that will hold their weight for years to come.
Made of wood this ultra stable stand has a complementary look that fits well with your handpan. The sitting model weighs slightly under 1kg and folds down to a very compact size. These two elements make it easy to carry around or to store when not in use. As you can see from the video on the left, the Handpan stand is ergonomic, robust and stylish. It is also a valuable tool for players with a smaal lap, where the handling of the handpan is not always so comfortable
With the same playing height as the standard sitting model but with the added advantage that it folds down to a small package 10cm x 10cm x 50cm!
A boon for musicians playing more than one handpan simultaneously. The standing foldable model allows freedom of body movement whilst engaged in playing. This ergonomic feature coupled with “line of sight” positioning when playing live on stage or busking make the standing model an excellent choice for performing players. Made of wood this ultra stable stand has a complementary look that fits well with your handpan.
Folded dimensions: 12cm x 11cm x 71cm. Regular size: Suitable for people under 1.80 mt.
Pocket Portable BAG. Ready for Evatek 1° & 2° Gen.
SIZE: 60 width x 27 height x Depth16 Cm
Weight about 200 Gr
100 % Polyester H.T Antibacterial and Moisture-proof
3 Big pocket + 1 Hidden Front Zip pocket.(for Money, Document, and secret stuff.)
2 Strong Plastic Hook
N.2 Aluminum Carabiner
N.1 Belt + 2 Strong Hook (plastic and Iron)
Upgrade yours Evatek Three easy steps to upgrade your Evatek in a more confortable version. Get ready to safety travel! The best ergonomic solution. Newer foams may recover more quickly to their original shape.
Revolutionary, Lighteweight, foldable playing stand It allows playing the instrument while both standing up or sitting down, and has a custom, easy to use, height adjusting mechanism.
LugLoc, Award Winning Luggage Locator in the World.
15 Day Rechargeable Battery (GSM and Bluetooth Powered Tracker). Find Your Bags in Any Commercial Airport Worldwide in Real time.
Tracking is done automatically by the LugLoc luggage locator device. After 365 Days you will need to acquire one of our Service Plans to keep tracking your LugLoc.
You can obtain Service Plans through our Smartphone App, or by following the link here.
TSA Strapsafe
TsA Strapsafe Anti-Theft -Luggage & Polycase 2.0 Strap connection.
100% Polyester.
HcT Portable Trolley is Ready to use with All evatek Generation and more SoftBag and Portable sound system. Easy to connect using 2 strong elastic with Safeplastic hook. HcT Trolley is ready to use like trolley connected on Evatek and Use it like normal BackPack on same time. 2 Strong PlasticWheels for be safe around the street.
Close Size. 47Cm x 29 Cm
Weight: 1450g
Max Load: 30Kg.
Evatek M Size: About 2kg (not including the foam lining and inside shell) – Handpan: 4 – 5 Kg – Evatek FlyKit: 3.8 – 4kg max – Evatek FlyKit + Handpan: 11 – 12kg – The Evatek Fly Kit is a lightweight product that boasts protection and strength.
Evatek Fly Product inc:
1 FlyKit + Foam 2cm + 2 Special Edge Safety o’ring.*
*All O-Ring will be connected whit Glue from our Company. flyKit is only compatible whit Evatek Medium size bag.
1 Pair Foam
Easy Connection Foam is a high-density foam that covers evenly throughout the interior of Evatek. EVATEK is Compatible with all the Handpans of the World. Two different thicknesses Foam and two different measurements of Evatek, we made it possible to transport with maximum safety, of all instruments of the world. Who and what is behind Evatek? Foam is Free toxic components (see section certified laboratory). 100% Designed and Developed in Italy.
Protect your evatek from sudden showers and summer thunderstorms.
100% Nylon.
(Not included in any Evatek Bag)