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Biography: Alessio is an Italian percussionist and handpan player based in Rome. He is a composer, performer and busker and has had a passion for art and music since childhood. He started playing percussion in 2004 as self-taught musician and has spent the last 10 years learning instruments such as djembe, cajon, darbuka, didgeridoo, congas.

He met the “hang” in 2006 for the first time but he got his first one just in 2013.
Since that moment he changed his approach in playing any other instruments and every day is exploring his sound and the expression possibilities with his hands.

He thinks every artist uses their hands as a strong connection between soul and the external world. That’s why he is especially passionate in handpans, his playing style focused to compose touching chill music balanced between emotional grooves and techniques that connects his and your soul through his hands.

Right now Alessio is performing in festivals, clubs, yoga classes, exhibitions and private events and he is working on his first album.


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