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Name: Liron Man





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Biography: Since I was a child music has been part of my life.

Although in my family there were no professional musicians seems like I was very attached to it.

All my family and spacially my dad were always supportive and encourging me playing music.

Started with Piano at a very young age and went through various instruments until I found the HandPans and Flamenco Guitar.

At the age of 19 a number of very meaningful things happened in my life, personally, professionaly and artistcally speaking.

Regarding music, that was the age when I discovered the HandPan and Flamenco Guitar, although I didn’t start playing them right away, though I knew my heart will lead me there eventually.

September 2006, that’s when I bought my first HandPan, just a half a year later I bought my second one.

It was clear to me I need more than one instrument since each one carries only one musical scale which very limits the musical possibilities, so when I got my second one still I felt limited. for a long while it was fine because I had many other things on my plate and was starting to shape my self and develop as a musician.

Nowadays I have four instruments and I am able to play all the scales that involve the 12 regular notes. one of my future plans is to get more instruments that involve quarter tones.

One other thing that happened to me at the age of 19 is discovering a band called ‘Estradasphere’ and a related band called ‘Secret Chiefs 3’.

These two groups of brilliant musicians completely changed my life and exposed me to many different style of traditional musics from all over the world.

These two bands and other projects related to them have been and still are a great inspiration to me.

I can’t define my musical genere, I play all kinds and especially atracted to traditional music from various cultures.

If I have to, I’ll say ‘World Music’, that’s what I feel most related to.

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