Artist Name or Band Name: Panhandler’s Beat

Name: David Hauser





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Biography: I was born in December of 1981 in Germany but always retained my parent’s citizenship, which is Austrian.

I moved to Italy in 2002 and live there ever since.

Many years of odd jobs, ranging from tourist photographer to full fledged pizza baker, translator and interpreter as well as olive farmer, a master’s degree in languages and literature and a backpack full of world travel experiences, eventually led me to the synchronistic encounter of the Handpan in 2013, which turned out to be the most valuable add-on to my already variegated life.

I did not have the opportunity to get any instruction in the beginning, professional or otherwise, but this instrument worked for me as a “synchronicity amplifier” and so, taking it along to my many trips, I had the chance to get taught and inspired by the best all over the world.

Today, I continue to play on the streets as a busker, but can offer also concert bookings for venues and living room sessions, both as a solo artist, as well as with my duo projects Madahahu – Pan Pop Project and Kontrapanda


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