Artist Name or Band Name: Pavel Sedlacek

Name: Pavel Sedlacek



Website: www.ivosedlacek


Best Youtube video:

Biography: I play music since my early childhood. For 8 years I have been playing classical guitar (and also happened to be a winner of the Czech national classical guitar competition in 2015) and some time ago I got deeply involved in playing handpans.

I am very lucky to be a personal student of David Kuckhermann and Kabecao. I am also very lucky that I can play such amazing instruments like OMana (we have 4 of them) and Yishama. I often perform at concerts and workshops with my father Ivo Sedlacek where I play many amazing music instruments. I also play my solo handpan concerts and performances.

Now I am working on a new very special handpan CD together with my father.

I also like very much creating various type of artistic videos.

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