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SOLS magma13 Macromolecule

Magma13 is a Swiss formula compound of mineral and organic materials merged with a natural conductive polymer. A blend of specific elements cast together as intelligent matter. magma13 is essential|technology; imprinting and matrix of vitality for the environment and life. Increasingly, people are realizing the importance of Natural Ambient Energy (NAE), and the manner in which it positively influences our daily lives. For years, we have harnessed the sun by means of solar panels, and wind by means of turbines, to create energy.

These natural forms of energy help fuel many things in our lives. magma13 macromolecules behave as an efficient and sustainable capacitor and distributor of useful Natural Ambient Energy resources for humans – resources that are always present in our environments.

Through the use of unique Swiss technologies, magma13 enhanced by the Ojas treatment process, SOLS integrates the use of technology with Natural Ambient Energy fields, facilitating the benefits of a more biocompatible and coherent environment, and the ability to energize substances.

Magma13 Radiance Panel – 90×80 .

Natural Energy, Vitality, and Wellbeing

Magma13 Radiance panels are an evolution for personal well-being developed by SOLS.

Magma13 Radiance Panels amplify a field of life-enhancing Natural Ambient Energy, which supports and recharges the body’s innate well-being and supports cells to better regulate and regenerate. Panels can also be used to enhance and energize water, food, beverages, supplements, and plants, in addition to the people they benefit.

magma13 – Radiance Panel (80×90)


Natural Ambient Energy is an intrinsic phenomenon observable in life.

Imagine what you feel when standing high in the mountains, at an ocean’s edge, deep in a forest, or seated on a powerful rock. There is a reason why this makes you feel recharged. This reason is found in the secrets of nature and an ideal life|energy exchange mechanism of absorption. There is compelling evidence that all living human structures – cells, tissues, organs – communicate with the environment around them through vibrational and light frequencies.

These mechanical-acoustic and paramagnetic nano vibrations through diffusion, resonance, and adaptive mechanisms, are likely responsible for the orchestration of many biologic reactions, including regenerative physiological processes. This is also true for most liquids and many physical materials and substances.

Properties of SOLS magma 13

SOLS magma 13 macromolecules exhibit a wide range of novel mechanical, spectral and energetic properties:

Adaptogenic | The unique molecular structure of SOLS magma13 compound helps humans to enhance physiological processes. It promotes more efficient organization, as well as expands the capacity to handle physical, mental, chemical, and biological stress agents. This allows better resistance to stress and increases well-being benefits.

Regenerative | magma13 technology creates a specific molecular pattern, which simulates and amplifies an energy field most similar to those you find in nature. Its regenerative properties restore a natural energy exchange of essential resources and bio-rhythm within the environment. magma13 is able to organically collect and dissipate, congested energies in an environment. Owing to a natural expansion and contraction of the macromolecule and binding polymer, a self-sustaining energy is created, to ensure self-cleaning properties, as well as long performance and durability.

Resonant | Magma13 assists in harnessing ambient radiation and the natural electromagnetic field to create a consistent energetic resonance within the space. The field creates a coherent standing wave of natural energy, which harmonizes and enlivens the environment.

Protective | Applications of magma13 help neutralize specific destructive stressors within the environment, such as electromagnetic, geopathic, and other harmful environmental radiations. The compound increases the capacity to shield harmful radiations, as well as counter them, and helps protect people in space from electromagnetic pollution and entropy, such as non-ionizing radiations.

Coherent | The positive and steady balance of Natural Ambient Energy emitted by magma13 the technology comprises a unique spectrum of highly coherent and ordered vibrations and standing waves. This quality can be seen exactly as micro-honeycomb crystallization under a microscope, as well as concretely felt by people within the environment itself.

Magma13 Radiance Panels

Magma13 Radiance Panels create a natural toroidal polarization flow in the area above them, consisting of an absorbent phase to neutralize biological and environmental energetic stagnation, and a harmonization phase to amplify a biocompatible Natural Ambient Energy able to create a powerful and highly coherent energetic effect.

The Swiss-designed technology features a handcrafted Italian natural wood shell, completely free of chemicals, which is filled with magma13 macromolecular compound. This unique molecular structure of the magma13 creates an adaptogenic and natural radiant force, which has a strong harmonizing effect both on people, foods, and liquids.

Additional Benefits on magma13 Radiance panels:

• Helps body’s adaptogenic energetic systems

• Eliminates accumulation of congestions in the body

• Protective effects from electromagnetic fields

• Decreases environmental destructive radiation

• Increases light spectrum absorption

• Enhances water energizing capacity

• Grows healthier and more vibrant biological activity

Water Energization |Revitalize Body |Energize Food and Supplements |Workspace |Sleep Place |

Water Energization | Water is one of the most important substances for humans and life on our planet. The human body is comprised of 70% water. In most modern environments, we consume dead and lifeless water which has been over-treated and sent to us over long distances through artificial tubes and pipes. magma13 Radiance Panels are highly effective at energizing the water we drink when you place the water on the panel. A natural vitality will be enhanced within it, in which you will be able to taste the difference! Drinking energized water helps the cells and organs of your body have greater harmony and well-being.

Revitalize Body | There are profound benefits in sitting on a magma13 Radiance Panel for at least 20-30 minutes. Meditation and yoga practice can be even further enhanced in a coherent environment and are ideal activities on the panel. The larger magma13 Radiance Panels can be used as a platform to sit on during mediation and reading. This allows a vibrant, natural, and clear field to boost your cellular regeneration process, for great focus, insight, peace, and calm.

Energize Food and Supplements | magma13 Radiance Panels are effective at adding greater coherence and resonance to our food, supplements, and the remedies we take. The panel helps to create a coherent energizing effect, with maximum vitalization and energization of substances it is exposed to. This process adds more quality and harmony, enhancing the taste, texture, and smell of food, wine, vegetables, and fruit, as well as freshness.

Workspace | In addition to the mental and emotional stress of work, modern workspaces are also filled with environmental stressors that can affect concentration and productivity. The Radiance panels, thanks to their unique shielding properties which entrain the electromagnetic environment into a more biocompatible space, can be used to create Bionomic offices and unique workspaces for ideal protection, vitality, creativity, focused concentration, and productivity. Professional workspace magma13 Radiance Panels are available with whole office customization.

Sleep Place | A restful night’s sleep is essential for well-being. magma13 Radiance Panels can be placed under your bed or sleeping place to create a powerful yet soothing natural field to sleep in. The panel works to protect the occupants of the sleeping space from harmful environmental radiations which can disrupt sleep, while also emanating a Natural Ambient Energy field that harmonizes sleep patterns and quality. SOLS customizes commercial magma13 Radiance panels to create ideal sleep solutions for hotels.

Using magma13 Radiance Panels

The 30 × 30 Radiance panel can be used either in contact with the body or used to energize food, natural remedies and liquids.

Simply place what you want to energize on the panel for 15-30 minutes or store them on the panel. Food or liquids will directly transform from the energetic quality of magma13, giving the liquid or substance vitality and energetic coherence. Remedies and supplements energize for 30+ minutes.

The 80×90 Radiance panel can be simply used as a platform to sit on. These panels are designed to assist in energy decongestion and revitalization of the body. It is suggested to sit on the panel for at least 15 minutes. It can also be used several times a day to support a person’s energy and in eliminating accumulated entropic charges. When placed in the sleeping place, under the bed at floor level, a soothing and calming toroidal field is created, which supports a restful and revitalizing night’s sleep. This allows a vibrant, natural, and clear field to boost the cellular regeneration process already happening in sleep, or even during relaxation or meditation, to deepen the benefit for even greater insight, peace, and calm.

Regeneration Panels are enhanced Radiance Panels which contain a stronger concentration of magma13 macromolecules – twice the magma13. The panels are designed to the specifications of SOLS Regeneration Room, however, are available only for customized applications like the creation of Regenerative workplaces for ideal smart working.

Magma13 Radiance Panels: Technical Data and Care Information

Magma13 Radiance Panels are designed as easy-to-use activators of free energy to treat the effects of entropy and environmental perturbations,

Magma13 Radiance Panels are designed as easy-to-use activators of free energy to treat the effects of entropy and environmental perturbations and to enhance Natural Ambient Energy (NAE). The area of main concentrated action of the 30 x 30 Radiance panel is 35 cm above and below the panel, as well as a flow of 5 cm in all directions as a horizontal/lateral field.

The 80 x 90 Radiance panel is 130 cm above and below the panel and has a 40 cm flow in all directions as a horizontal/lateral field.  As mentioned before the 80×90 Radiance panel can be placed under the bed at floor level. As a general rule, the applications require close proximity or contact with the panel.

The Radiance Panel requires no power or batteries and will sustain its energetic state over very long periods of time. Due to the design and surface area of the panels, the internal charge will remain optimally bio-catalytic over time, as magma13 micro-expansion-contraction from normal fluctuations in the ambient temperature and nanomechanical vibrations. For panels used in sleeping places, it is suggested to uncover the panel for 1-2 hours at least once a year.

Internal materials and SOLS-specific design, work specifically on Energetic Bionomic disturbances, and other biologic disturbances by substantially disrupting and reharmonizing the specific disturbance.

The panel is 100% safe and natural, does not interfere with any electromagnetic or technological appliance or device, and does not produce any electromagnetic radiation or wi-fi signal.

When energizing water, it is suggested to place water in a glass or ceramic container. Stainless steel, plastic, or other containers may also be used. Leave the water on the board for a minimum of 15 minutes, or for as long as possible to create the most energizing and coherent water. If using the SOLS Magma 13 Radiance panel on a smooth surface (for example stone kitchen counter or wood surface), a no-slip coaster can be applied to avoid slipping.


Dimensions: (WxHxD): 30x30x3 cm Weight: 2,5   -   80x90x3cm : Weight: 2,5 kg 15 kg

IMPORTANT:  If standing or sitting on the panel, be sure the panel is completely secure to avoid falls. Do not freeze or heat the magma13 Foundation Panel. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun or direct heat exposure over 40 degrees Celsius. This may compromise the seal of the panel. Cleaning is simple, using a damp cloth and a mild natural detergent. Keep the magma13 Radiance Panel dry and clean any liquids or food substances spilled on the panel with a soft cloth or towel. Do not use abrasive sponges. Do not immerse the panel in water or put it in the dishwasher. The wood of the panel should be treated at least one time a year with natural wood oil to ensure the long life of the product.

Product Composition: Natural Oak Wood / magma13 macromolecules

Application and Use: Can be used to enhance water, food, supplemental and remedies, as a personal resonance device, or to enhance Natural Ambient Energy in the immediate field environment around the panel.

Energy Consumption: None

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Dimensions: (WxHxD): 30x30x3 cm Weight: 2,5   –   80x90x3cm : Weight: 2,5 kg 15 kg

Magma13 Radiance Panels: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I put my 30 x 30 Radiance panel on my table. Is it energizing all the food or liquid I have there on the table?

The 30×30 Radiance panel primarily provides an effect on top of the panel or in near proximity, with an area of energization of 35 cm vertical to the panel and 5 cm horizontal to it. Foods, water, and other supplements are best placed in physical contact with the panel. While the Radiance panels do create an improvement of general Natural Ambient Energy in the area around, the best effects will be within the panel’s area of energization.

Can I use it with other products like skin lotions and cosmetics?

Absolutely. The energization effect also enhances these products, especially ones that are used topically on your body as it optimizes the biocompatibility of the product. The products can rest continuously on the panel or can be placed on the panel for shorter periods of time to energize

How long will the magma13 Radiance Panel work for?

If well maintained, the panel will basically last indefinitely. To ensure this, it is important to maintain the wood per the product care instructions, as well as make sure the panel is not stressed under extreme heat or cold ( temperature over 40 degrees C. and minus 0 C. or prolonged direct exposure to sunlight).

Are there any effects or benefits of wine?

Definitely. Open a bottle of nice wine and pour 2 glasses. Place one on the panel, and the other a few meters away in the same room. Wait 30 minutes and, and give it a taste test. You will notice a more full and pleasing taste of the glass that rested on the panel.

Can I use the 30×30 panel in my refrigerator?

It is possible to place the Radiance panel in the refrigerator, however, it is not suggested to place it in the freezer. Part of the energization of the panel, is slight fluctuations in temperature so it is important to follow the care instructions and periodically expose the panel to normal environmental light. A more ideal product for the refrigerator is magma13 MiniTower, which is designed for the intense electromagnetic field active in the refrigerator, will generally energize the entire refrigerator space.

* You should not use this information for diagnosing or treating a medical or health

* You should not use this information for diagnosing or treating a medical or health

condition. Experiences, benefits and individual results may vary for each person. These

statements have not been evaluated or approved by any governmental public health

agency, and are shared by SOLS for educational and information purposes only. You should

consult a physician in all matters relating to your health, and particularly in respect to any

symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.


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