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Airtek® (Medium)
From 155,00  Ex 22% VAT

*Airtek-  The ultimate Handpan Air Bag. Think beyond your imagination.

Carry the Air around the Globe and forget normal handpan Soft Bags

The new Soft bag concept it’s REAL.. AIRTEK* by Hardcase Technologies  (*Patent Pending)

5 color available 

Airtek® Tabla Airbag Protection
From 149,00  Ex 22% VAT

TABLA Air-Bag Protection

Inflatable TABLA Bag – Use the air when needed by  *AIRTEK. 

Forget the normal soft bags.  Now we have AIRTEK *(Patent Pending)

The ultimate TABLA  Air Bag. Think beyond your imagination.

Be safe with Air-Bag-Protection and forget the normal Tabla Bags.


The new TABLA AIR Backpack concept it’s REAL.  

AIRTEK* by Hardcase Technologies.

  • Ultra-Light & Safety Tabla Bag (By Air-Technology)
  • Compact and 100% foldable. (Carry everywhere)
  • Comfortable on the back-side By Air-Technology
  • Lumbar support ( Backpack Lumbar support)
  • Faster inflate and deflate system. (Self-inflating system)
  • Technical Fabric, for outdoor use. 100% washable. 
  • Lighter than a soft bag & Strong like a semi-hard case bag
  • Ready to fly in the Cabin Plane* ( Overhead compartment)
  • Interchangeable Air-Pillow.
  • 2 Kg and safe like Hardcase


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