Flyroll 2.0 (SIMPLY Pack)

299,00  Ex 22% VAT


FlyRoll is the only multi-functional Handpan luggage in the world.

Flyroll , NOW IT’S 100% Hardcase 

Travelling Trolley and Handpan hard-case

Compatible with 90% of  Handpan bags until 63 cm in diameter.

Carry your Handpan light and protect it from long flights around the globe.

100% Versatile Light and Sturdy-  ALL IN ONE.

This version SIMPLY pack not included any soft bag or Airtek . 

FlyRoll is smartly designed to make every journey delightful, from ease of movement and saving space to ergonomics and reliability.
+ Flyroll 2.0 ONLY ( No extra evatek inc) You can’t use flyroll without any bag inside.

Weight:  Flyroll 2.0 :  9 kg – READY TO FLY with Evatek or a good quality soft bag.

TYPE OF TRAVELING: Plane by check-in only / Train & Bus / Car -/Music Tours / Festival / Busking street performance

Flyroll 2.0 (SIMPLY Pack)

299,00  Ex 22% VAT

Flyroll 2.0


FlyRoll is the only multi-functional Handpan trolley luggage hard-case in the world.

Handpan bag Trolley & Travelling Trolley. ALL IN ONE

FlyRoll is smartly designed to make every journey delightful, from ease of movement and saving space to ergonomics and reliability trolley case.

Years of production
E.V.A Case Produced
Hours of Hand-Making
Countries Delivered


The World Isn’t flat.

Roll Light.
Special wheels are designed to unload the weight to the bottom of the case. Feel like you are defying gravity when rolling your luggage.

Roll Forever.
No more broken wheels with unique side-mounting design and tough construction. Roll safe everywhere.

Lifetime Warranty.

Navigate all kinds of terrain with ease. Bumps, steps, wet surfaces, snow … and BLA BLA BLA..

Travel Trolley ?

*TSA StrapSafe FREE.

Now it’s stronger and the surprise isn’t finished.

FLYROLL 2.o … CarryTrolleycase it’s THE NEW CONCEPT

carry your handpan bag, some other small stuff and and fly safely.

*: Every flyroll 2.0 will be 1 TSA strap safe included in the price.


Fly with my Evatek or other Soft-bag?

YESS....with Flyroll 2.0 every become possible.

Your soft bag or HCT bag / Airtek, will be protected from the Flyroll composite body shell.

So.. open your Flyroll 2.0, fit your Evatek or good handpan soft bag in it, and check-in your new Flyroll …


NOW? JUST ENJOY THE FLY… no worry It’s 100% Hardcase now. 

How works Flyroll2.0?

No more unwanted movement of the Handpan.

The extra NET layer will hold your Handpan bag during traveling.

Easy to use. Just open your Flyroll2.0 and fit your Handpan bag*

This bundle NOT be included Evtaek or any other Handpan bag. Only flyroll 2.0

*We suggest using only the Hct bag inside Flyroll 2.0 for your safety. Any other soft bag not developed by us isn’t tested 100%. 

Composite material & EVA

...welcome Flyroll 2.0

The new concept it’s that. Flyroll 2.0 becomes 100% hard case. It’s your personal savers CONTAINER.

NOTE!  Use Flyroll 2.0 only with a good Soft-bag or Hct bag. Never carry only handpan inside flyroll 2.0. 

The perfect combination of EVA material and composite material.

Perfect balance for lightness and resilience trolley hard-case



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