Airtek® (Medium)

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*Airtek-  The ultimate Handpan Air Bag. Think beyond your imagination.

Carry the Air around the Globe and forget normal handpan Soft Bags

The new Soft bag concept it’s REAL.. AIRTEK* by Hardcase Technologies  (*Patent Pending)

5 color available 

Inflatable Handpan Bag – Use the air when needed by  *AIRTEK.  Forget the normal handpan soft bags.  *(Patent Pending)

Try the new Air-Bag technology protection

The 1° Handpan AIR protection in the Globe.

  • Ultra-Light & Safety Handpan Bag (By Air-Technology)
  • Compact and 100% foldable. (Carry everywhere)
  • Comfortable on the back-side By Air-Technology
  • Faster inflate and deflate. (Self-inflating system)
  • Technical Fabric, for outdoor use. 100% washable.  
  • Lighter than softbag & Strong like a semi-hardcase bag
  • Ready to fly in the Cabin Plane* ( Overhead compartment) 
  • Interchangeable Air-Pillow
  • 5 color available

Composition: Foam 100% Polyurethane (PU) Main fabric 50% Polyester (PES), 50% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Carrying bag 100% Polyester (PES)

(50% AIR INSIDE) Outer Size: Diameter 58 CM x Hight: 30 cm

(100% AIR INSIDE) Outer Size: Diameter 61 CM x Hight: 34 cm

Weight: 1,5 Kg ( EVARIM system included) ( Full air inside)

TYPE TRAVELLING:  Plane only Overhead ( International & LowCost Fly) – Train – Trekking – Car – Daily use/Festival

You can search your best configuration BY BRAND name. If you can't found your Handpan Please try another Size or Model. If you cannot found any bag please contact us. How measures your Handpan? Follow the VIDEO WATCH TUTORIAL NOW
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Take care of Rust. Keep your moisture eater inside your Evatek and keep your Handpan Healthy.
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Take care of Rust. Keep your Handpan Healthy and use Phoenix oil every 15 days.
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Do you want a SPIRAL BUSKER STOOL? (Optional)
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TSA Approved Luggage Locks For Travel – Best Anti-Theft TSA Lock
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Airtek® (Medium)

145,00  Ex 22% VAT


The ultimate Handpan AIRBAG | Ultra Light & Safety Handpan Bag. Lighter like the AIR you breathe.

Think beyond your imagination and carry the Air around the Globe. 

Only 1,5 KG and safety like Evatek. The revolution it’s NOW with AIRTEK® Protect your handpan with Air PAD by  AIRTEK .

Forget the past of Handpan soft bags.  Try the new Air-Bag technology protection.

READY TO FLY in the Cabin Plane?

Forget any soft bag ever seen in the market

Ready to fly and hold Airtek in the Overhead AIRPLANE compartment? 

Usually, the soft bags don’t fit in the overhead cabin Plane. No more stress with AIRTEK®

Just open the valve and deflate the air until the bag fits into the overhead bin. You will reduce the thickness (Hight shape)  by more around than 30% . 

Self-inflating Handpan Bag it’s  REAL. 

AIRTEK (Patent Pending)

Foldable Handpan Bag by AIR-SYSTEM.

"Self-inflating System"

The First Handpan Bag 100% foldable | *AIRTEK® –

Carry everywhere AIRTEK with YOU.  With the supplied carry bag included, you can store your Handpan bag everywhere.

You can reduce the space by more than 50%. Small houses/storage aren’t a problem anymore!

We recommend that you store the bag away from humidity and extreme temperatures.

*(Patent Pending)

AIR Control (AIR - Adjustable SIZE)

A self-inflating system to JUST Adjusts the pressure of the AIR PILLOW.
A self-inflating system inflates itself up to approximately 80%.
The rest of the inflation must be done with the mouth to catch the maximum protection from AIR TECHNOLOGY.

You can adjust the pressure of the AIR PILLOW and follow your best Trip configuration. Comfort, safety, storage all in our hands.

The rest of the inflation must be done with the mouth, 3-4 shot just need to adjust the pressure for your instrument and your end-use.

We recommend that you open and unroll it once you received the bag. Leave the valve open to facilitate pre-inflation.


Air Pillow behind your back side.

The final results it’s obvious. Super light and amazing comfort for long journeys.

Just open the valve. regulate your back pressure and forget the pain in your back side!

Found your best configuration will be easy and fast like never seen before.

AIRTEK !! and you can forget the past.

Plus extra Central Foam PAD

  • 2 Side pocket for carrying your phone and other small stuff.
  • Extra comfortable Shoulder Strap.
  • Back comfort regulation by Air valve. Walking will be a pleasure.
  • Frontal regulation with SOS whistle

Extra Flange protection - EVARIM SYSTEM PROTECTION ( Inc)

Increase the Handpan flange (Rim) protection with AIRTEK.

With the new Evarim system, it’s become easier to remove and adapting your protections around all the Handpan flange in the world.

Anymore scarier about side impact with EVARIM SYSTEM KIT .

NOTICE! Not use AIRTEK without EVARIM. (It’s Inc in the AIRTEK bag) 

Are you Handpan maker?

Enjoy our new interchangeable LOGO DESIGN.

Now we can embroider your design and customize your bag.

If you like more technical design we can create your Rubber design like our HCT logo.

Feel free to contact us and start our amazing partnerships.

Together we can create a better FUTURE.


Follow our short TUTORIAL how Un-fold Airtek.


Follow our short TUTORIAL how folding Airtek and reduce the space.


    Stay tuned with HcT

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