• Spare parts

    Hardcase Technologies bags are fully interchangeable, with screws, pull zippers, spugs, color pads, internal protective supports etc.

    In this spare parts section you will find everything you need to make the best upgrade of your HCT bag. For digital printing and custom colors, this will be the right section for you.

Articles 16

AIRpad - AIR Back Support
From 21,36  Ex 22% VAT
Bouckle Straps CLIP + Screw (4 Pz)
From 8,19  Ex 22% VAT
Busking Foldable STOOL
From 32,78  Ex 22% VAT
Evapad - BackSupport
From 25,00  Ex 22% VAT
EvaRIM System Protection
From 22,22  Ex 22% VAT


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