As every year, [this year] HCT presents new ideas and new bags.

    This is our page for a new collection!

    This is the right section to keep up to date with our news and updated versions. For example, our new AVIOTEK hardcase or our new Aria bag ..

    AIRTEK .. discover the news in this special section designed for pioneers like us.

Articles 14

AIRpad - AIR Back Support
From 21,36  Ex 22% VAT
Airtek® (Medium)
From 155,00  Ex 22% VAT
Airtek® Tabla Airbag Protection
From 168,00  Ex 22% VAT
Aviotek (Large)
From 248,00  Ex 22% VAT
Baby Tongue Drum
From 36,00  Ex 22% VAT
Floor stand - HandpanUP
From 90,00  Ex 22% VAT


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