Chameleon (57cm)

Chameleon (57cm)

Kieren first connected with hand pans in Paris, France in 2005. Kieren was inspired by this instrument and after couple of years playing hand pan he was introduced to a couple of established hand pan makers in Germany.

Both the hand pan makers inspired Kieren and shared their methods of pan making, tuning and the industry in general. In 2012 Pan Chameleon was created. After a long pan journey, learning the scales and the hand pan making methods, Kieren could then offer his own style of hand pans to the amazing world music community.

Pan Chameleon has also made cajons and some other instruments and will offer special tooling for makers and players to help the community.

The two different sized hand pan dimensions by Pan Chameleon are 540 mm by 230 mm in height and the other is 570 mm diameter and 220 mm high.

Kieren Langdon is an Australian hand pan builder, multi instrumentalist, fire performer and Artist living in Berlin, Germany Europe.

Kieren founded Pan Chameleon in 2012 and is one of the tuners of the hand pans. He has performed fire, music and Art shows with various amazing artists and musicians in around the world. Pan Chameleon today is growing fast and we hope you enjoy playing our Pan Chameleon instruments. Your hand pan is just a click away!

Kind regards Pan Chameleon team Making Metal to Magic!!

Pan Size ø(cm) Rim Included : ø 57
Pan Size H : H: 22

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