Colorado Soundscapes

USA – Colorado

HandpanMaker since: 2012

Colorado Soundscapes is a maker of high quality musical instruments based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was formed in 2012 out of the passion of two brothers, Josh and Wesley Keegan. The brothers have always loved musical instruments and were fascinated with the history and design of traditional instruments like the kalimba. Melding modern technology with ancient instruments, a new iteration of the kalimba was born, the Lamellae. This unique instrument boasted precision tuning, the first of it’s kind, and a custom designed electric pickup to virtually eliminate feedback. Later, the Electric Mbira was released with the same functionality but built on exotic hardwoods and featured a new streamlined design. In 2016 the brothers entered their Mbira in the prestigious Guthman Musical Instrument Competition held at Georgia Tech and won a spot in the finals. (You can see the performance in the video below)

Pan Size ø(cm) Rim Included : ø 52
Pan Size H : H: 26

Compatible Bags

Smarty bag (Small)
From 90,00 120 € Ex 22% VAT

The most comfortable Handpan Bag in the World. Smarty Bag, it’s designed to sustain your back and the weight of your handpan.

Simply RE-PET (Small)
From 68,00 98 € Ex 22% VAT

Simply RE-PET Bag.  Handpan Bag – NOW IT’S GREEN

100% Eco-sustainable

Made by Recycled Bottle (PET)


Simply bag (Small)
From 68,00 98 € Ex 22% VAT

-Simply bag it’s the entry-level soft bag by HCT.

-Best quality & affordable price. Simply & full of features.


EVATEK 2.0 (Medium)
From 164,00  Ex 22% VAT

EVATEK  Medium 2.0 new Series

The world’s best-selling Handpan bag 

Our innovation, your safety Since 2012


Simply RE-PET (Medium)
From 98,00  Ex 22% VAT

Simply RE-PET Bag.  Handpan Bag – NOW IT’S GREEN

100% Eco-sustainable

Made by Recycled Bottle (PET)


Airtek® (Medium)
From 155,00  Ex 22% VAT

*Airtek-  The ultimate Handpan Air Bag. Think beyond your imagination.

Carry the Air around the Globe and forget normal handpan Soft Bags

The new Soft bag concept it’s REAL.. AIRTEK* by Hardcase Technologies  (*Patent Pending)

5 color available 

EvaRIM System Protection
From 22,22  Ex 22% VAT

Upgrade your Handpan Bag rim protection. Select your Evarim according to your Hanpan size.

Evarim it’s our special ADDON RIM protection. Get extra safe in the weakest part of handpan & Pantam.

Compatible with ( Evatek all series.  – Evatek Fly- Evatel turtle – Flyroll – Simply bag – Smarty Bag all series ) 

Evatek Bunker
From 248,00  Ex 22% VAT

Evatek Bunker. Never stop to explore new material.

The New Way to Fly Lighter and Safe than Before

100% Ready to Fly and Hold your Handpan under the Plane

100% (Cargo -check-in) Compatible

Born for heavy impacts Evatek Bunker  it’s 100% Ready to Fly and Hold under the Plane (Cargo -check-in)



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