• Hardcase bags

    Hardcase bags and semi hardcase are currently the best solutions to fly and stow your handpan during all domestic and international flights.

    Be wary of soft bags with internal plastic shells, they will never offer the right protection in case of major accidental falls.

    For any information on how to fly safely, do not hesitate to write to us.

Articles 16

Aviotek (Large)
From 210,00  Ex 22% VAT
Aviotek (Medium)
From 210,00  Ex 22% VAT
Bouckle Straps CLIP + Screw (4 Pz)
From 8,19  Ex 22% VAT
Evapad - BackSupport
From 21,36  Ex 22% VAT
EvaRIM System Protection
From 22,22  Ex 22% VAT
EVATEK 2.0 (Large)
From 143,00  Ex 22% VAT


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