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64 Aviotek - Outlet (Medium)
From 120,00  Ex 22% VAT

MODEL: Evatek medium –

COLOR: Black

DEFECT: 64 – Small sign in the fabrics ( front )

AVIOTEK outlet – Brand new/ stock for small productions defects

WE NEED SPACE… AVIOTEK  outlet it’s OPEN. – All the Evatek here are brand new and they come from small fabrics defective productions. –

All the bag they work perfectly with any Zip or shoulder problem. Foam and Shoulder included.

Aviotek (Large)
From OUT OF COLLECTION 248,00  Ex 22% VAT

Aviotek- The new Way to Fly Lighter and safe.

100% Ready to Fly and Hold your Handpan under the Plane

100% (Cargo -check-in) Compatible



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