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evatek hardcase

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Evatek Bunker
From 248,00  Ex 22% VAT

Evatek Bunker. Never stop to explore new material.

The New Way to Fly Lighter and Safe than Before

100% Ready to Fly and Hold your Handpan under the Plane

100% (Cargo -check-in) Compatible

Born for heavy impacts Evatek Bunker  it’s 100% Ready to Fly and Hold under the Plane (Cargo -check-in)


Evatek Bunker ( Light Defected)
From 160,00 248 € Ex 22% VAT

Evatek Bunker with small external defects. The functionality remains 100% functional for traveling safely around the world. 

While supplies last in stock. 


    Stay tuned with HcT

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