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magma13 - OJAS
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Personal Resonance and Harmonization

Magma13 Ray is a personal resonance device developed by SOLS, featuring the proprietary magma13 technology. The Ray amplifies a vitalizing Natural Ambient Energy field, which supports overall well-being3 and energizes the Bionomic environmental experience.

Magma13 Ray functions through the energetic catalyzation of both natural and artificial electromagnetic fields, as well as electromagnetic interference from low to high frequencies, to create a powerful harmonizing effect. By creating a natural toroidal polarization, consisting of an absorbent and harmonization phase, the Ray creates a powerful effect for a maximum range of action of 100 cm above and below the Ray (vertically) and 50 cm out from the sides (horizontally) in each direction.

magma13 - Seed
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Personal Resonance and Harmonization

Magma13 Seed features a highly condensed and enhanced magma13 formula to create the best protection and harmonization for you and your loved ones. Wearing the Seed can help

balance the natural healing cycle of the body through the harmonizing effect of magma13. The experience of Natural Ambient Energy has been shown to have significant human well-being benefits.

Magma13 creates a specific energetic macromolecule, which simulates and amplifies a strong energy field able to mimic a natural vibrational regeneration process.

This positive and coherent balance of Natural Energy emits a subtle, yet palpable, vibration and standing wave oriented through the hyper-coherent molecular structure of magma13.


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