magma13 – Seed


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Personal Resonance and Harmonization

Magma13 Seed features a highly condensed and enhanced magma13 formula to create the best protection and harmonization for you and your loved ones. Wearing the Seed can help

balance the natural healing cycle of the body through the harmonizing effect of magma13. The experience of Natural Ambient Energy has been shown to have significant human well-being benefits.

Magma13 creates a specific energetic macromolecule, which simulates and amplifies a strong energy field able to mimic a natural vibrational regeneration process.

This positive and coherent balance of Natural Energy emits a subtle, yet palpable, vibration and standing wave oriented through the hyper-coherent molecular structure of magma13.

Magma13 Seed – Natural Energy, Vitality, and Wellbeing

Magma13 Seed is a portable fundamental unit of the magma13 that combines Italian stylized elegance with premier Swiss technology for personal protection and harmonization.

Magma13 Seed generates a specific adaptogenic Natural Radiance Energy field around your chest to support the natural capacity of the body

to manage environmental and biological stressors.

The potentialized magma13 formula inside the Seed acts as a modulator of cellular resonance to support and enhance the innate recovery and

the regenerative capacity of the body.

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magma13 – Seed


Properties of Magma13 Seed

Adaptogenic - Regenerative - Resonant - Protective - Coherent

Adaptogenic – magma13 Seed contains a highly condensed magma13 compound, which has a unique molecular structure to help humans enhance physiological processes. It promotes more efficient organization, as well as expands your capacity to handle physical, mental, chemical, and biological stress agents. This allows better resistance to stress and increases wellness benefits.

Regenerative magma13 technology creates a specific molecular pattern, which simulates and amplifies any energy field most similar to those you find in nature. Its regenerative

properties restore a natural energy exchange of essential resources and bio-rhythm within the environment. Through this greater resonance of the human field, natural processes are stimulated to revitalize and restore balance and wellbeing.

Resonant magma13 within the Seed assists in harnessing ambient radiation and the natural electromagnetic field to create a consistent energetic resonance around the Seed for the person wearing it. The field creates a coherent standing wave of natural energy, which harmonizes and enlivens our body.

Protective Wearing magma13 Seed helps harmonize and synchronize our innate adaptogenic response to specific destructive stressors within the environment, such as electromagnetic, geopathic, any other harmful environmental radiations and entropic forces.

Coherent The positive and steady balance of Natural Ambient Energy emitted by magma13 Seed comprises a unique spectrum of coherent vibrations and nano-pulsations. This quality can be seen exactly as micro-honeycomb crystallization under a microscope, as well as concretely felt by people within the environment itself.

Benefits of the magma13 Seed

+Increases energy and stability

+Makes you feel more centered

+Improves breathing

+Increases protection around the heart area

+ Promotes restful sleep

+ Enhances energy flow and balance

+ Increases longevity

+ Strengthens regeneration of the body

+ Expands energy resonance field

+ Increases Natural vitality

+ Optimizes energy resourcing

Magma13 Seed: Technical Data and Care Information:

Magma13 Seed is best worn as a pendant, hung in the area between your throat and chest. This allows a better ‘centering’ and resonance for your system.

The product requires no power or batteries and will sustain its energetic state over long periods of time just by wearing it.

The pendant is composed of the hypoallergenic pure aluminum cell, which has been anodized to protect from the release of nanoparticles.

This composition of the pendant also makes the Seed free from dust and moisture. magma13 Seed is 100% safe and natural, does not interfere with any electromagnetic or technological appliance or device, and does not produce any electromagnetic radiation or wi-fi signal.

Cleaning is simple with a damp cloth and mild natural detergent.

Product Composition: Anodized Aluminum Pendant / Stainless Steel Necklace / magma13 macromolecules

Application and Use: Wearable as personal harmonization unit of Natural Ambient Energy

Energy Consumption: None

Weight: 12 grams (pendant only)

Colors: Silver, Gold, Rose, Titanium

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty


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