Moisture eater -Rust protector

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MOISTURE EATER – 100% Made in Holland

Protect your handpan from rust Keep inside your Handpan bag and keep out the Humidity.

  • Keep your HCT bag drier as possible
  • Avoid rust

Moisture Eater will absorb the atmospheric moisture in your HCT bag keeping it as dry as possible and so help prevent the development of rust.

Moisture eater -Rust protector

20,00  Ex 22% VAT

Keep your moisture eater inside your Evatek.

Hold your moisture eater under the foam, in the center of the circle Area. Just remove the round foam and that' it.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Place Moisture Eater in the reses in the top of your HCT bag with your handpan.

Step 2 – When saturated, the special indicator tag will change color from blue to pink. When pink – recharge!

Step 3 – To recharge: put Moisture Eater in a microwave at ± 600 Watts for 2 minutes. The heat will evaporate the retained moisture.

Or simply place the Moisture Eater on a heating radiator. Alternatively, place under the hot sunlight until dry. Can be almost indefinitely recharged!


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