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Floor stand - HandpanUP
From 90,00  Ex 22% VAT

HandpanUp it’s made of steel with a resistant powder coat finish. An everlasting product 100% recyclable made in Spain..

It is supplied disassembled in a flat pack with the necessary elements to assemble it.

Manual included. 

Weight: 1,5 Kg. 

Panboo Handpan STAND (100% Bamboo)
From 120,00  Ex 22% VAT

Made with Sustainable bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most promising alternatives in the required shift to a sustainable society.

It grows faster than any other plant in the world, yet has hardwood-like properties.

These qualities make bamboo the ideal alternative to tropical hardwood.



Sitting Stand - Adjustable
From 100,00 130 € Ex 22% VAT

Sitting Stand – Adjustable – 100% Wood HandMade

With the adjustable height mechanism, It makes it possible to play on a low stool up to a regular height chair.

!00% Made in Holland


Spand (Stand ALL IN ONE)
From 160,00  Ex 22% VAT

SPand  Stand it’s a new way to play your handpan in Easy  and safe way.

Compatible with all handpan with bottom note, pantam and tongue drums.

It Light and Foldable & adjustable size. change height between 56cm and 99cm, and faster assembly it’s the best features keys of Pantam Stand

Standing Stand -Foldable \ Adjustable
From 130,00 155.8 € Ex 22% VAT

Handpan Wood Foldable standing stand. 100% Made Handmade wood in Holland

The standing model allows freedom of body movement while playing. Many players experience a “freedom feeling” when using the standing model.

This ergonomic feature coupled with “line of site” positioning when playing live on stage or busking make the standing model an excellent choice for performing players.


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