Aviotek (Large)

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Aviotek- The new Way to Fly Lighter and safe.

100% Ready to Fly and Hold your Handpan under the Plane

100% (Cargo -check-in) Compatible


Born for heavy impacts Aviotek (large) it’s 100% Ready to Fly and Hold under the Plane (Cargo -check-in)

What is included in the Box?

  • 1 Pz: Aviotek Large size
  • 2 Pz: Easy Foam connection ( according to your handpan size)
  • 1 Kit: Evarim System proteciton Kit ( according to your handpan size)
  • Composition: PE + EVA + SI

100% (Cargo -check-in) Compatible

Aviotek Large: Measure outside:  Diameter outside:68cm  Hight Outside: 40cm 

Weight: 8,5 Kg FOAM + EVARIM inc. 

TYPE TRAVELLING:  Plane by check-in only / Train & Bus / Car -/Music Tours / Festival /Boat

You can search your best configuration BY BRAND name. If you can't found your Handpan Please try another Size or Model. If you cannot found any bag please contact us. How measures your Handpan? Follow the VIDEO WATCH TUTORIAL NOW
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Take care of Rust. Keep your moisture eater inside your Evatek and keep your Handpan Healthy.
YES (+20,00 €)
Take care of Rust. Keep your Handpan Healthy and use Phoenix oil every 15 days.
YES (+12,00 €)
Do you want a SPIRAL BUSKER STOOL? (Optional)
YES (+32,00 €)
Select your Spiral Stool Color
TSA Approved Luggage Locks For Travel – Best Anti-Theft TSA Lock
YES (+8,00 €)
Protect your Smarty bag from sudden showers and summer thunderstorms. 100% Nylon. ( Accessories) DISCOVER MORE HERE
YES (+8,00 €)
Buy Extra Treedom® CACAO TREES for special PRICE. You will become the owner of the beautiful Cacao Tree in Africa. DISCOVER MORE HERE
YES (+12,00 €)
1 Pz EVARIM SYSTEM KIT PROTECTION. Compatible with Every HcT bag.
-CAT C- Handpan D: 56/61cm Flange Inc (EVARIM 1 Cm) (+22,00 €)
-CAT B- Handpan D: 48/55cm Flange Inc (EVARIM 2 Cm) (+22,00 €)
-CAT A- Handpan D: 42/47cm Flange Inc (EVARIM 3 Cm) (+22,00 €)
1 Airpad AIR back suport
YES (+25,00 €)
TSA Luggage Strap safe it's the best accessories for the safest travel. Protect your Handpan from accidental openings. DISCOVER MORE HERE
Protect your Flyroll with TSA STRAP SAFE. TSA Airport Approved.
YES (+22,00 €)
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Aviotek (Large)

248,00  Ex 22% VAT

AVIOTEK & Low Pantam


The new DOME Shape it’s the perfect balance between design and performance.

No scarier to Travel with Big / Low Handpan*.  *Compatible for LOW PAN and Regular size too. 

Ready to Fly SAFE?  Run to Check-in Aviotek under the Plane.

The large version ( Dome Shape) helps to protect every Low Pantam / Handpan  from heavy impact.

100% ready for Cargo & check-in stock.

Aviotek- The new Way to Forming our idea

3 LAYER OF TECHNOLOGY - Full body melt

After many years of research, we found a way to formed e in the same body shell  3 different materials.

RUBBER fabrics: to absorb and make the case more stable in every situation

E.V.A Material : for absorbing the vibration from heavy impact

PLASTIC PI: Lighter but extremely strong. Used to made Aviotek 100% Hard like a tank.

The NEW EVA Generation Shoulder

EVA Bubbles below the shoulder for the best comfort

Small EVA bubbles below the shoulder guarantee maximum comfort for long journeys.

Inner Refinforced layer for a long time traveling.

Frontal Connections are adjustable with an SOS whistle.

Extra Flange protection with the new EVARIM SYSTEM PROTECTION

Increase the Handpan flange (Rim) protection.

With the new Evarim system, it’s become easier to remove and adapting your protections around all the Handpan flange in the world.

Anymore scarier about side impact with EVARIM SYSTEM KIT .

(Inc in the Aviotek bag)

AIRPAD ( Accessories not inc)

AIR Backpack support

Aviotek + AirPad.
Never stop exploring the world with your Handpan in the best comfortable way then possible.

The ultimate idea by HCT it’s the new AIRPAD, a Multi-functional AIR Pillow for every situation.

Just remove it from your AVIOTEK and use it like PIllow for Airplane, train, bus, car, and more.

Or simply use it for play or hold your handpan during your outdoor activity.

And for the laziest people.. NO WORRY, use AIRPAD like  Neck and lumbar travel air pillow support


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