• PanBoo Handpan Stand

    Made with Sustainable bamboo

    Bamboo is one of the most promising alternatives in the required shift to a sustainable society.

    It grows faster than any other plant in the world, yet has hardwood-like properties.

    These qualities make bamboo the ideal alternative to tropical hardwood.

    Discover more now. 

  • FLYROLL Handpan Trolley Hardcase

    ROOL UP… ROOL FOREVER – The Ultime Flyroll Handpan Trolley Harcase

  • Handpan ROPE - 100% Greece Handpan

    The decoration does not affect the sound of the instrument, but gives it a more attractive look and protects it from damage at the edges.

  • Aviotek– The new Way to Fly Lighter and safe.

    Born for heavy impacts Aviotek (medium) it’s 100% Ready to Fly and Hold under the Plane (Cargo -check-in)

  • Spand Stand - The Ultimate Handpan Stand

    The ultimate Handpan stand in the market –

    Stand & Sitting ALL IN ONE for better comfort during play also bottom note.

  • Baby Tongue Drum

    BABY Tongue Drum. Ony 8 Cm

    Keep with yourself everywhere and relax with your own music with the smaller tongue drum in the world.

    In iron material, this special baby Tongue Drum it’s a unique gift for people you love.

  • Aviotek

    Aviotek- The new Way to Fly Lighter and safe.

    New design, old school fashion, future technology.

    100% Cargo -check-in Compatible

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Handpan Hardcase - Bag - Accessories SHOWCASE

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